Friday 13 May 2022

Heal and choose to be helpful


This tree is still carrying a dead one......

How often do we carry energy that is not ours,

but from 'dead' people,

or our own past....

Mercurius went retrograde on the 10th 

and it will stay there the coming three weeks.

In the sign of Gemini

which has to do with traffic, media and communication.

I am sure most of you had some challenges with this;-)

With Pluto retrograde as well, 

it 'helps' us to deal withold energy's: 

the way we talk to ourselves,

do we use Pluto as power and transformation

or as manipulation and feeling helpless.

Pluto has also to do with 'war'.....

Jupiter, the planet of growing and healing

went into Aries: 'let's do it!'

So we can take action to heal, to grow,

the energy is with us!

Let's decide to let the 'dead tree go, 

so we can grow more easily!'

Jupiter in Aries just ask us to take a first step.....

We don't have to let it all go at once.......

If we start to let go a little bit,

moving forward will go more easy.....

Most of us are used to 'the big bag of the past'

and it would be to uncomfortable to let it go all at once....

So let's start with a little bit at a time.

May 16th there is full moon and total eclipse:

Uranus and Saturn are involved:

are you free, authentic, yourself AND responsible

as part of a community


are there still some old patterns that are holding you back....

How is it in society?

What do you see and experience?

Do we respect others if they have another opinion?

Is there communication or is there fear to express yours?!?

If there are old patterns,

most likely you will get mirrors.

Mirrors, so you can heal that old part.

In your personal life

and also in society.

The most challenging in this energy will probably be

that you see loved once going trough challenges.....

You like to do it for them,

only you can't........

You can make sure that you feel safe and secure inside.

Have compassion with yourself and are being patient 

so they feel they can share their hurt/burden with you

and feel that it is ok.....

that there is unconditional love.

You can be a safe haven and 'walk' with them

so they feel they don't have to journey alone....


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