Friday 10 June 2022

Going slow and steady......

Going slow and steady....

take time to go inside and rest when needed,

or to protect himself.....

A snail.....

British - Irish

Aryan - Jew

Spy - Traitor

Upper class -Lower class

White - Black

Catholic - Protestant .....


All themes in the books I am reading from Jean Grainger.

-Robinswood books and The Star and the Shamrock-

Books written around the time of World War 2.

I am intrigued and also a bit shocked:

how far did we really come as society?!?

The books are about people stuck by themselves, 

stuck by their 'own' people,

forgetting that we All are people...

Stayed in 'their group'


Is this  the comfort zone we talk about?

'Let's stay in the same place with the same people,

the same religion, the same habits, 

then life will stay good and safe.'

Isn't this the fear in us that is speaking?

The fear of growing?

These books are a reminder that we are all one community:

each of us unique and special

and because we are different and unique,

we can give each other our best

and don't have to do it all by ourselves.

How great is this!

I realise that the energy we live in now

asks us to take the next step.

Now we think we understand 

the themes of the time around World war 2.

We believe we do better,


did we create another comfort zone.....

one that prevents us from growing.....

Muslim - Christianity

Conspiracy groups 


Ukraine - Russia

Then TB now Corona

Still the same themes:

misuse of power....

not trusting each other,

feeling fear.....

Forgetting that we are all One,

all Love...

I saw the snail in our garden

after reading in these books.....

I realised I was judging:

 'how come we still need all these mirrors?!?'

I realised I wasn't accepting....yet.....

Accepting that -like the snail-

we take one step at a time

and everyone has his own time and....that is good.....

-in the book you also have characters who are frontrunners-


Accepting and trusting,

making sure I am not staying in my comfort zone,

that I use the courage in me to grow and heal,

one day at a time....

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