Wednesday 1 June 2022

June 2022

 At the beginning of this month 

Mercury will go straight again:

did you deal with old thinking patterns,

were you confronted 

with misunderstandings and miscommunications?

In Holland there were loooooong lines at the airport,

people missed their plane,

didn't have their luggage and

'finally we could go on holiday this?!?'

There were fight with sports,

shootings in America


there is still war....not only in Ukraine...

Pluto is still retrograde: 

how much old anger do we still have inside.....


are we going to deal with it....

We get 'help' from Saturn:

 the planet of responsibility,

patient and determination 

goes retrograde on June 4th.

Where do you still feel guild and shame,

where are you not patient with yourself,

where do you blame others.

The government, organisations need to look inside as well:

is change needed and......

do they take steps to make changes.....

Do we give them our trust and are we being patient

or do we want it NOW.......

If we do, what does it mirror us.....

Are we being patient?

especially with ourselves?

Are we taking the steps to heal and change?

And.....are we speaking up if needed...

Speaking up from power, determination


'Be the change you want to see in the world'.....

Saturn is still in Aquarius:

Can we AND take care of ourselves AND be part of a community?

If we make it smaller:

Can we Be ourselves in our family or do we have to 'fit in'?!?

We end the month with Neptune going retrograde as well:

do we trust or do we feel a victim......

Illusions, dreams and/or realities 

that are clouding our visions.....

will come up...

Do we believe in conspiracy's,

do we 'cancel' people


do we investigate and set boundaries.....

What will we do/what will I do.....

We get the choice....

Accept and change, use Saturn's

patience, determination and discipline

and trust that we are on our own unique path

and are being helped


Blame the government, our upbringing,

our country, 'the world'

and believe we are a victim, powerless,

and let fear be our guide....

AND.....most important:

Be happy,

enjoy nature,

remember the mirrors we get

are there to help us to let go.....

To let go, so there is room for abundance,

for love, for peace,

for happiness.

Expect passion,

perhaps heated emotion

and feel safe enough to address it...

Be open for other peoples opinions

it is THEIR opinion,

it doesn't say anything about YOUR worth.....

If you feel insecure,


not being respected,

take time to spoil yourself:

your inner child needs attention,

love and patience from YOU,

the adult one.....

Take your time and.......

perhaps you feel you have to have 

another conversation with that person,

or perhaps you need to set your boundaries.

What ever it is,

you can choose to be grateful for the mirror-s-,

and grateful that you choose to go within.

If something like this will happen this month

how do choose to spoil yourself?

Will you go for a walk in nature,

treat yourself with a spa day?

Will you cook something special for yourself

or go out for lunch?

Will you read a book while sitting at a beach,

or do you visit a museum you always wanted to go to......

Think about it now,

so you have a choice in mind

if you come in a situation that you are

feel attacked, insecure or not being respected.

Instead of reacting, 

you probably will respond....

Have an amazing month!

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