Wednesday 29 June 2022

The truth goes on existing......

 Just at the end of this month Neptune goes Retrograde and

makes a connection with Mercury on the day of a new Moon:

How do you talk to yourself?

Can you accept what is,

or do you feel you are a victim

or are you idealising?

Do you choose to focus on what You want,

or are you in a fog and do what others expect from you.....

We re-visit, re-examine, re-do 

the time from the beginning of March.

and on Dec. 3th 

we will be at the same point as we were on March 7th.

Next year March 27 

we will be at the same point as we are now.....

Be patient, determent and have compassion with yourself,

have fun, listen to music, relax, go to the sea

Can we accept THE truth,

or do we believe in OUR truth....

Neptune is unconditional love:

Can you love people 

even if they do things you don't agree with....

Can you love people 

and set boundaries to protect yourself and the other.

Can you let your 'Sun' shine 

or do you let emotions/clouds block it.....

Was there unconditional love for you as a child or....

did you feel conditions.....

conditions that you are allowed to let go now.

Can you accept what is...

and do you allow yourself to let go of pink glasses....

and take responsibility in a relaxed,

compassionate and understanding way....


did you interpret it in the right way

or in a way that is blaming and judging yourself....

Did your parents/society knew unconditional love

or did you feel their insecurity.....

Now it is time to change this.....

you ARE love,


and we 'only' have to BE......

Most important: we can talk and write about it all we want


in our actions we can see if we 'got it'......

Luckily we get all the time we need,

all the mirrors we need

and all the choices we need

to change or not.....

Can you accept what is?

Can you accept that abundance is your birthright?

Can you accept that Love is what you are

and the rest:

'just' stepping stones towards 'the light'/ what we desire.

Can you accept 'the truth'.....

Neptune will 'help' us the coming time,

to help us 'to go upstream and find out

why WE are falling in....'

It will help you to rest if you work to hard 

-could be a burn out or a job change-

It will help you to take action 

-if you realise that acting like a victim doesn't help-

It will help you to set boundaries and let people go 

-if you realise not all people were honest-

It will bring to you what you desire deep down 

-a soul mate, money, a dream job, fun-

It will make us realise that we are all One

-to be honest: I hope we don't need a new pandemic outbreak

 or a war to 'help' us realise this.....-

For people who know Reiki: use it!

For people who know Tapping: do it!

For people who are into art or making music: do it!

For people who love to dance: dance!

For people who can smile and talk: use this when meeting people.....

YOU can make a difference...

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