Monday 27 June 2022

Ignorance and ego.


If you look at this picture

you could think: 'How mean is he and he deserves the consequences!'

And I understand.....

only I hope you can see it as a mirror as well....

Don't you think that it is because he is ignorant 

that this is happening?

How is it with us?

'Am I ignorant?!?'

I believe we are all ignorant if we believe

we know it all.....

I believe we are growing and healing

and by this 

we will be confronted by mirrors

in society to help us heal....

If we do, 

our consciousness will grow

and we will be less and less ignorant

and choose different....

Ego/social mask/fear.

There was a time when Catholics and protestants couldn't marry,

There was a time that baby's needed to be baptized right a way

or they would go to hell if they would die...

There was a time that people believed dark coloured people

were not people.

There was a time that a woman was less than a man.

There was a time that you had to stay in the closet

if you didn't feel sexual attracted to the opposite sex....

Ego/social mask/fear

I write 'there was a time' and....

I realise we live in a world were there is still ignorance...

fear of the unknown.

We can choose to blame of we can realise that

it isn't as we thought it was.....

Most likely,

we are not ready....yet.....

How patient are we?

Do you take responsibility for yourself?

Do you lead by example?

Did you find the spot between stimulus and response?

Do you recognize an emotional reaction,

even if it is not a strong one?

I did and was happy with myself to feel that I 

could choose a different response...

We are in the season of the sign of Cancer.

The sign of being vulnerable,

caring, family, the past.

Also the sign of building walls around your emotions 

as protection:

how often did you need this to survive as a child......

If we choose to deal with this,

If we realise we are not that child anymore but an adult,

we can let go of ignorance,

can let walls down

and are ready for the next sign: Leo

The Leo sign is the sign of the Sun.

The sign of 'just' Shining....

BE who you are,

without the need to prove.

Realising that other should BE as well,

and we all are unique, different and ok.

To much Sun is not ok:

you burn, or burn others....

So you NEED to set boundaries,

and then we come back to the Cancer sign:

we don't need walls around our feelings,

we need to learn how to set boundaries.....

Boundaries to protect ourselves


'help' others not to burn or burn out.......


you are much more powerful than you believe you are.....

We can vote different if we don't like what our government is doing.

We could look at nature, 

the long lines at the airports,

all the suitcases on a big pile.....

and accept it or....

choose different......

We can think about the shortage of gas and 

of being cold this winter 

or we can look inside

and deal with the cold inside first....

Could that be a mirror as well?!?

I am sure we are not ready for the next step yet,

I am also sure that everything we do comes with consequences...

also for us,

so let's remember:

 'We are all One'

and 'Powerful beyond measure'

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