Sunday 19 February 2023

Accepting and stress

 You can see how challenging acceptance really is

if you look around.....

If we could accept, 

there would be no stress,

we would take action if possible

or wait for the right moment....

We would trust instead of wanting control....

I loved the idea that we could be helped

to deal with stress.

Products that would help us to ground, 

to help our body to rest, to trust

and by this making our life a bit easier.

Easier to go through dealing with 

and let go of, old emotions.

Nikken is/was a company who had this.

They had a philosophy:

the 5 pillars.

-I wrote about those in earlier blogs:

Body, Mind, Relationships, Society, Finance,

'you are as strong as your weakest link'-

They provided product to help our body's to stay as stress less as possible:

O xygen

W ater

N utrition

E nergy

R est and relaxation

S leep

Can you 'Own' your life.....

Can you take responsibility for your life 

and by that 

have/attract abundance, love an peace in your life......

This philosophy went a bit to the background

and it became more 'a business'......

as if they couldn't combine both.....

As if it was or/or instead of and/and....

When Pluto went into Capricorn,

there were some challenges in the company.

There were structures that needed to be changed.

In 2013 they stopped selling in a part of Europe.

It felt as if they couldn't change the structure

in some country's  to make it good for all.

Just last week I got a message

that they will stop in the whole of Europe

celling their amazing products.


when Pluto is at it's end of going through Capricorn.

Do we not need those products anymore?

Can we do it ourselves?


do we need to find a way to empower everyone

and trust that there will always enough for everyone,

instead of thinking that if one has more, we have less......

Could it be that we 

'throw out the baby with the bathwater?'

That we throw away something that 

would be so beneficial for lot's of people?

Misuse of power can be very subtle:


using some ones weakest point,

not realising that energy attracts only the same energy.......

An unhealed leader will attract unhealed people.

Both are powerful, 

only didn't deal with their wounds...yet...

It can make you vulnerable

and you can decide not to connect anymore,

you can decide to project:

me against 'the rest'

or us against 'the rest'......

Pluto in Aquarius asks us to connect again....

connect from respect, uniqueness, knowing we are One.

How would it be if

- after we went back to deal with our wounds-

we would connect again......

Leaders connecting with leaders,

respecting each other,

trusting each other, 

together working for a bigger goal.

Using media/network to connect in an honest way....

Pluto in Aquarius.

For now I see a war, an earthquake, a hit on Syria,

people who misuse social media, hide behind it.

I also see people who enjoy Carnival,

who are working together to help people in Turkey and Syria

I see people sharing Nikken products they don't use anymore

and others helping to make sure people get them who need them.

Accepting that it is as it is,

letting go of control and trust....

One day at a time will bring us a long way....

What is happening with you in your life?

Is there 'a storm' in relationships,

to buy food and shelter?

Do you feel depressed and worried,

or do you or loved ones go through an illness....

Realise that trauma is stored in your cells

and with the energy we are in now,

it 'wants' to get out and.....illness can be a sign.....

Trust, be patient and......accept...

-and yes I know.....that last one is o so challenging.....


 not to accept gives you more stress 

 and healing will take longer.....-

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