Monday 13 February 2023

Inner child wounds.

The time of Carnival is arriving,

the time of the year when the sun is in Aquarius: 

be different, love the creations of each other

and celebrate together.

In this time of the year,

people don't judge themselves, and not the other:

it is good to be unique and different.

A sign of the Aquarius age.....

This 'suffering' 

because you think you have to 

compare yourself with others

doesn't exist....

it should never exist.....

Wouldn't it be great that 

we could hold on to this energy the whole year?

After this

the Sun goes into Pisces......

fasting, letting go of what is outdated,

a deeper Knowing...


trust that we are never alone,

even if we have to deal with some issues ourselves.

We get help if and when we need it.

Not to do the work for us,

but to help us go through it.....

This, we can not do together...

we have to do it ourselves.

we are the ONLY one who can do this:

dealing with our inner wounds...

It is something 
we have to do by ourselves.....
and after doing this,
we can help others going trough it,
sometimes 'just' by leading by example.

Most important:
take the time to heal your inner wounds.....
If you want to lead by example,
this is the only way to do it.
If not......
you are a wounded leader
leading wounded people....
Instead of leading by trust 
you lead by control.....

It is as Michelle Obama mentioned:
'Going high',
you have to DO something,
take responsibility for YOU,
not by talking alone....action....

We have to remember that action for change
is only possible if we choose to accept were we are now....

Accepting that we choose
-often subconscious-
the situation we are in now.
If we don't like it and we want to move on,
we FIRST have to accept that 
'it is as it is'.......
without the feeling of guilt/shame,
being a victim,

If you feel this: don't hide it......
realise it is the wounded child speaking,
be nice to it......
time and karma......

Trust.....that what is needed will come to you
it will come to you to heal,
to remember you are Love
you are Light.

If you did something in the past 
you are sorry for:
ask forgiveness, forgive yourself
or take action -if possible- to change it.
This is the way to break the cycle,
and move on,
move on to live Your life.

Next month Saturn and Pluto change signs:
will we check what we hear,
do we believe everything we read,
do we want to control or do we trust,
do we take action or do we stay in our comfort zone.....

- in Holland there is an election:
how many people will vote and.....
how many people will complain after who didn't vote.....?-


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