Friday 10 February 2023

'The light we carry'


YOU are the light,

born to shine.

YOU have an unique light,

and through life it got dimmed sometimes, is still IN you!!

Instead of thinking/feeling that others will dim your light,

you can also believe that others will help you shine brighter!

Michelle Obama wrote about 'three sisters',

it is a way of mixing a crop of corn, beans and squash

 together in one place.

A traditional Native American method for growing food

based on the idea that each type of plant

has something vital to offer the others.

Couldn't it be that this is just the way with people?

We have something unique that will help

others to shine brighter

and.....others have something unique for us,

so we can shine brighter!

A great book!
A book that is written about the energy we are all in:
'Freedom is not a state, it is an act' -John Lewis-

She talks about 'going high',
meaning: acting, doing something yourself
instead of reacting.....

If we choose to live in a new society,
we have to take responsibility for ourselves.
Responsibility is not reacting on Facebook, 
twitter or Instagram..
responsibility is doing the work.....
responsibility is remembering 
that we are not helpless....

We can not solve the war in Ukraine,
but we can solve the little wars in our own lives.....
Small steps could be:
-Looking in the mirror in the morning and
smile to your self: 'a new day, you will do great!'
-'Wow, he must be in a hurry, probably
his wife is in labor'.....
    -when someone is driving a bit irresponsible
      in your eyes-
-clean out one drawer at a time,
-smile to an upset cashier....they do the best they can...

How long will it take that 'the world is at peace'?!?
It was a question to Martin Luther King:
'Not long'.....

What is not long?!?
that is a question of control.....
'Not long'
is a answer out of trust....

It will come when the time is right.....
The time is right when we shine our light.
Step by step,
stepping out of our shadow...
Being an 'only'.....

The first one of your family to......
The first one in your work that....
The first one in your neighbourhood that....
The first one in your relationship to.......

Be an 'only',
and realise that YOU have an unique light.
If you feel this,
you don't need to compare yourself,
to proof yourself anymore.
You stop reacting, and start responding,
you will attract what makes you happy
and what's important for you
and to you.

And if you are someone 
who looks and read story's on social media
about influencers:
realise they have a team to make this perfect picture....

They have a stylist, personal trainer,
someone to clean, tidy up, bring their kids to school 
and often someone to cook their meals....
Michelle Obama names and thanks them,
others should do the same......

So be proud of yourself:
most of you do it by yourself!
Choose peace instead of 'war' with yourself ;-)

I didn't write about the earthquake.....
So many people lost everything....
Lot's of people want to help and are helping,
does our life needs a 'shaking up as well?'....

Money and weapons go to Ukraine....
people destroy....
Money and bulldozers go to Syria and Turkey
nature destroys....
Can we look at the mirrors?
What are they?
Are we reacting, responding,
do we act?

Can we be the light for them now,
till they remember 
and find their light again?
Can we be the light for people around us,
who 'forgot' or 'lost' theirs?
Do we choose to act......
or do we choose to live our shadow....

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