Saturday 22 July 2023

Choose to bee happy were you are Now

 I hope and wish you all enjoy the summer season.

It doesn't matter if you enjoy it in your own house,

or somewhere far away.

In both cases YOU are there.....

The moon Nodes changed this week: 

From Scorpio/Taurus to Aries/Libra.

These Nodes stay in a sign for 1 1/2 year.

Old Pain/War/passion that was hidden 

came up the last 1 1/2 year 

to helps us feel calm and safe inside of us.

Miss-use of power came up, 

sexual/intimidation from powerful people


people who were not so powerful yet.....

believed it was necessary to 

let other people 'miss-use' them

to feel powerful and to earn money....

 An old energy that -energy wise-needs to transform.

The energy of the last 1 1/2 year

helped us to feel so safe,

that we are ready to take action, to do something new.

If we are afraid to take action, than most likely

we like to stay in our comfort zone....

A zone that prevent us from growing

because a part of us is still afraid....

Where in our lives did we compromise to much,

where have we smiled, while being hurt inside,

where did we show polite dishonesty, instead of being honest...

where did we avoid conflicts and paid a high price for it.

In Holland the government fell...

change is needed...

Old leaders are moving to make place for new/young people.

Can we keep the good and change the new,

or do we believe we have to 'through everything away'?

If we do the last one,

we Know we still have old wounds that needs to be nurtured....

I choose to live gratefully,

to speak kindly,

smile freely,

inspire joyfully


Forgive......first of all myself.....

I realise that I compromised to much

was sometimes politely dishonest

and avoided conflicts....

I get the coming 1 1/2 years to accept, heal, forgive

and change this.

I am grateful and......being more patient.....

everyday a little bit more.....

-not so easy ;-)-

I also am happy, enjoy life

and curious.

Curious what the coming time will bring.

I hope you are too


have loving people around you

that believe in you, trust you

and encourage you!

This can be helpful,

a reminder if you are not in balance yet...

Be nice to yourself,

be compassionate

and be patient....

Let go of the believe that you need to go to another place to be happy....

Remember: you always take yourself with you!

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