Tuesday 11 July 2023

Peace inside of us.

Most of us know this with our head....

To practice it, is more challenging.

It has to do with emotions, feelings

and those take time......

as long as they need....

Emotions touch old hurt feelings,

they touch our wounded inner child


that part still 'believes' it knows how to protect you,

the adult, 

even though that part is still a child....

It has to Know from the adult you 

that there is now another to deal with it.

It has to hear from your 'adult mind' that it is not alone anymore...

It has to hear that there is enough time,

and it gets compassion and as much time as it needs,

it has to hear to take it easy, be patient.

It also has to know that all these experiences

it went through, 

helped you, the adult, 

to be the unique person you are now....

A few blogs ago I wrote that I was tired.

I didn't like the feeling and....I Knew it 'was as it was'

and I 'just' had to accept it.

It gave me the time

to honestly look at what the world around me was mirroring me...

I took time for me, 

nice talks with people,

enjoyed reading and....relaxed...

I did and.....a few days ago,

'al of a sudden' I got my energy back :-)

It felt great!

I even could let go of books all of a sudden!

 -Perhaps you remember that I followed Mary Kundo's 

cleaning rules a few years ago and......

to let go of books was not possible for me then.-

Now I could let go and

made a lot of people very happy,

with the books 

that were just collecting dust in my bookcases...

I re-arranged, cleared and was happy.

I also realised that there is still more to do and...

it can wait for now :-).

-Apparently Mary Kundo changed her philosophy

after she became a mom:

her method was not as straight forward

as she believed it was....if you are not alone ;-)-

Isn't that with all our believes and plans?

Sometimes live shows us that it is time to make changes....

Only.....you need to be ready.

So listen to your body, be patient, have compassion,

most of all with yourself!

We are all members of different groups,

every group has it's rules.

It is very easy to get a narrow view if you follow the group

without thinking for your self.

Most likely you experienced group dynamics.

We are all part of different groups:

country's, family's, little towns, sports clubs, friends, work,

smokers, not smokers, bikers,

mom's, dad's, grandparents.....

these are just a few of them.

Every group has it's own rules 

and if you question some rules, 

most likely you will be challenged by 'the majority'.

For us people, who are a social breed, 

who can not live by ourselves alone,

this is very challenging.

It touches a survival part in us

and we are challenged: 

'can we survive without the rest of the group'

Sometimes we put our own norms and values to the background

because 'we like to belong'.

We are to afraid of the consequences,

not strong enough yet to 'Just Be'.

We forget that we are group people

and also like to be unique and authentic.

It is not or/or,

it is/should be and/and.

Can you belong to different group and still be respected

or will you be cancelled...

Do we forget we have our own pink glasses,

and have our own blinkered view.

How open minded are we?!?

Just to question this can help you see......

Accepting that you don't know it all

makes you curious....

Challenges, like being tired,

can help you to let go.

And even if you don't know exactly 

how you got your energy back -like me-

trust and be grateful that you are being helped.

 Let's change the 'trying'....
'You just go on make good things happen'


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