Tuesday 25 July 2023



After a period of letting go of old emotions,

it seems I am ready to let go of 'stuff'.

As I mentioned in a blog before: even books!

Yesterday I looked at my plants.

I needed to plant cuttings from a mother plant.

The old cutting  died already and had 3 new leaves,

lot's of roots only.....in water still, not in soil.

I planted them and start looking at the 'mother plant'.


It is a Monstera plant, we have two big ones.

One is 'the mother', 

the other started as a leave from this mother.

All of a sudden, I saw they didn't look that healthy anymore,

and I decided to take some leaves and start new ones.

I also decided to replant the two.

When I took them out of the pot,

I was shocked: you only could see roots.....

hardly any soil....

No wonder that they didn't look so healthy anymore!

I took cuttings and let the two 'old' plants go....

I realised that sometimes you/I can look to much at your roots,

your past, your upbringing.

You can forget that you can start a new phase......a 'new' life.

All that was good from the past,

is already inside of you,

and you can rebuild your life as you choose to.

Do we trust ourselves enough to go to the next phase,

or do we believe we need more roots, more safety/security.

Do we Know and remember it is inside each of us,

and the outside world is 'just' mirroring us?

People who have sessions with me,

know that I believe we are all One,

that we are mirroring each other

and.....to grow and heal

is an inside job.

So....I love kids....they are the best mirrors


society let us/parents believe they need

all kind of coaches, they need 'labels'

to solve 'issues'.

I is as if some parents still believe,

that kids should behave as society wants them to.

On the other hand you have parents

who believe kids don't need rules at all,

and 'forget' to give the rules/stability they need

to be part of society.

I believe the best thing we can do to help kids,

and society, 

is to be honest with ourselves,

be patient and have compassion with yourself.

Where do we compromise to much,

where are we still 'afraid to take responsibility....

I am so glad that someone wrote a book about it,

with 'professional' opinion about this.

- I realise by saying this, it shows that I am

sometimes still insecure about what I feel.

I also realise that this insecurity helped/s me

to stay open and curious for other peoples view :-)-

Realise that if you think you need sleep and eat coaches

you give a message to yourself that you are 'not good enough' and

a child can believe it is doing 'something wrong'......

It doesn't mean you can not ask for help: do!

It just means that it is time to heal your inner child,

so your child can be itself again....

As I see it: this is the quickest way.....

not always easy......

The plant on the first picture is for my daughter,

the daughter that mirrored my inner child big time ;-)

She helped me heal, touched my buttons,

and is an unique, authentic adult now.

Isn't it special that by planting 'her cuttings'

this all came up......

So what is the spiritual meaning of the Monstera plant:

-comfort and wellbeing for the people who live there

-it neutralises negative energy

-it brings happiness.

What a great plant to have in your house!

Let's see if the cuttings all get roots.

If they do, I let you know!

Enjoy letting go 

and be open for all the new beautiful things that wants to come to you,

and grow from the inside of you.


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