Thursday 3 August 2023

Relax....and take one step at a time...

Does it sound harsh to you?

Probably you are still to tough with yourself.....

We all go through it,

one a little more than the other....

-at least it can look like this-

How we deal with it has to do with a mindset,

and also the mindset of a community/ country.

I still remember visiting people in Oman in the wadi's:

they were happy, open, sharing and....

didn't have 'stuff'......

They had to make sure 

there was enough food for the family that day....

There I realised that money is not the key to happiness.

I also realised that 'more stuff' is not the key.....

and a certain degree or job either.

I realised that we are all the same:

people who are curious 

and happy to meet each other.

How come young people are depressed,

people are 'burned out'

in country's that have enough money,

more then enough to eat

and enough 'stuff'.

In Holland they want to stop with 'cum laude' in University's:

'it is to much pressure for the student'..

How come we, as society, let young people believe

they have to be more than who they are,

that they are not good, just the way they are.

Why can people who can and want to study 'cum laude'

not do that in the future anymore?!?

How come we still believe 'cum laude' is better 

than 'just' university....

How come we believe a manager is better than a cleaner...

How come we believe we have to stand up for our right

to be who we are....

-men/woman/ gay/ straight/ transgender/ non binear/ black/white etc etc-

On the other hand there is a group 

that feel they are entitled to get what they want

without doing anything for it......

Both are images of an immature Saturn..... 

I believe it will change, energy never lies.....


do we need 'war' for this?

War between country's,

'war' between people,

'war' in our body's,

'war' in family's/community's or

do we choose to be patient with ourselves

and each other....

do we have compassion for ourselves and others?

Do we choose to listen to our emotions,

deal with them and heal them...

Can we enjoy life in between,

have fun and be grateful.....

Can we accept that

'Rome wasn't build in one day'....

Can we be happy for people

whatever they do, or do we still judge....

Can we be happy with our self,

without judging....

Can we use our mature Saturn:

patience, determination, responsibility

and realise we need boundaries.

-like the traffic signs on the road....

they help us all to stay safe and

 be free to travel were we like to go....-

Can we embrace our talents and accept our unique qualities

and also accept that others have different talents and qualities:

not better or less, just different....

Can we be happy that we are all unique

and do we 

-like the people I met in Oman in the wadi-

have an open mind when we meet 

new people....

Can we be curious, happy, sharing

and see them as 'another you'.....

Let's remember we are on the bridge to Uranus.
On our way to freedom, being authentic, honest
and respectful, a 'new society'......
starting with ourselves.

sometimes it is a bit tough,
we are on our way :-)
Let's choose to have fun on our path.

What did you do today that made you laugh,
grateful and happy?

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