Wednesday 10 January 2024

I am......part 1

 We are all this.......

Sometimes deep inside, 

not always realising 


some hidden more than others.

Every color stands for a chakra.

If you feel one of these words are not 'for you',

most likely that chakra is blocked and 

'asks' you to be healed and opened right now.....

As you see,  'powerful' 

is the word of the first chakra:

how grounded are you?

How are your roots?

Are they firm in the earth,

like a tree with strong roots

or will a storm, or a 'little bit of wind'

blow you away....

The first chakra is very very important:

it is the base for the others.

Your body gives you signs if something is not stable there.

Do you have to work harder/more or.....less....

Were in your life should you make changes.....

How are your family roots, 

did you feel protected?

Can you 'just' rest or 

are you always in a state of 'doing'.. 

If we believe we have to 'wake up' others,

it shows us a mirror: 

most likely we have issues,

old pain, 

we don't like to deal with....yet.....

'Just' be honest.....

and that is not always easy....

I got a mirror a few days ago.

As I wrote in my last blog, I was emotional tested

when I had to cancel a family function.

It was MY emotion, MY old pain


when I dealt with it, it was ok...... 

I was relieved

as if I needed proof that:

 'I am still ok if I choose for myself'..

Yesterday I got another mirror/ test ;-)

I got an app from my aunt

-so not from my nr 2 family -brothers and sisters-

but from my nr 3.....-

She asked me for something 

and immediately all kind of emotions came up.

I reacted straight away and 

tried to do what she wanted me to do.

I wrote the answer and all of a sudden I waited and....

didn't send it: did I really wanted to do it?

I planned that time for me.....

how important am I for myself....

I waited and send a different reply:

I would let her know asap.

Straight away I got a reply and....

realised that she already planned the day....

It didn't feel good AND....what should I do......

I gave it time, made diner, looked inside

and looked at my calendar..

I made the choice to choose for me

and it was as if a weight fell from my shoulders....

Family karma, old patterns......

Family is a society as well....a small one...

Pluto will move in Aquarius again on Jan. 20,

it will move back to Capricorn from Sept. till Nov.

and after that it will stay in Aquarius the coming 20 years...

Do you remember the years when Pluto went into Capricorn?

It was 2008.....

Do you remember what was going on then?

Then it was 'the banking crises'

now it will be more the crises of 'belonging':

is everyone treated equally,

is everyone taking their responsibility.

Are we speaking up if someone is treated badly,

do we realise when we do this ourselves?

Do we trust 'voting' or 

only if the result was the same as our choice and 

not if it was a different one.....

Can we find a middle way,

because we dealt with our emotions

or do we react from fear and 

do we feel resentment and bitterness.....

Are we still afraid to deal with our pain inside


do we not realising that our inner child is speaking up.

Are we free from trauma or do we need 'some help'.....

The second chakra's word is 'creative'....

Do you realise that you ARE a creation?

A creation of love?

What if we didn't

- or still don't -

feel safe and secure.

What happens if our roots are not strong enough:

how do we 'create' our world...

Is it from Love or....another emotion.....

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