Thursday 11 January 2024

I am.....part 2


When a child is born,
it is pure love....
It's parents and caretakers
are the persons to make sure
that it is safe and protected
and loved.

When a child is two, 
Mars, the planet of action, of energy
is activated.
Some call it 'the terrible two's '
and....perhaps that shows us something....

is the word for the second chakra.
Are you allowed to be creative,
to show your emotion
Did you have to 'behave'.....
-behaving meaning: doing what your parents/caretakers
 thought was good behaviour-

If you felt powerless you had to protect yourself.
Protect yourself to survive....
As I mentioned in earlier blogs:
'couldn't take a suitcase and move out....
you had 'to behave' to survive.....'
Is this not something we all had to deal with?
Not all in the same way, 
but never the less...

Anger/rage is a way to protect your heart....
It 'saves' you AND.....
it creates a wound......
Your hurt inner child is born...
Deep down you Know,
you can not live without love....
'the best way to survive is hide emotions'.....

You see in the world around us

that there are still wounds that asks to be healed...

People who feel powerless,

are reacting from pain

choose anger and rage to protect themselves

instead of communication and listening.

They first have to realise this.

We/I have to realise this first.

It is important

to deal with this,

if you choose to have changes in your life....

It is learning to feel the feeling

without becoming the emotion.

'Magical' is the word for the third chakra....

You will create something Magical from the 1st and  2th chakra.

Your 'power' will 'create'

what your energy/frequency is.......

Is it from grounding/safety and trust,

or from feeling powerless and anger/rage.....

What do you see around you.

What is the world mirroring you.

Are you free to speak up,

are you looking through illusions, lies

or do you 'need' to speak up

from old wounds...

Do you feel compassion or anger....

Be gentle with yourself,

FEEL guild and shame.....don't walk over it

realise it is an old emotion that is blocking you.

ACCEPT needed it to survive


LET IT is time to feel 

without becoming the emotion.

It is time to create the life you choose.

Experience magic

and live a magical life

were you feel free AND connected....

Just remember:
You are not a powerless '2 year old' anymore....

You ARE love

You are powerful beyond measure

and born to live a life of abundance.

YOU are in charge of your own life.

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