Thursday 25 July 2019

Renovation and ongoing proces...

With 5 planets retrograde
-besides Mercury,
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde-
it is an ongoing transformation in our selves.

It is like these patio tiles
they are new AND in between there is still space...
I already put special sand in between,
sand so 'no weed' will grow in between….
After 3 times,
-it looked like all the spaces were filled-
there is again space……
space for 'weeds'..
I have to do it more often.

It is with transformation as well: 
you think you changed, transformed,
and it looks like you did,
there is still room for 
old habits, old patterns.

You realise this when, as a new non smoker,
you meet old friends and talk like old times'
and they still smoke….
You realise this when you lost weight 
and then it stay's the same
and someone invites you for 'sushi'....
You realise this when you broke up 
and even though you know it is a good choice,
one evening when you feel lonely
he or she calls.....
You realise this when you quit your job,
started a new one and the first challenges are there.
All of a sudden you remember all the good things
of your old job.....

All of this doesn't mean you made the wrong decision,
it only means that you can not change overnight….
All the years you lived this old life,
is like a familiar road,
like acting as 'a child' 
when you come back to your parents home...
Take time to fill in the spaces
with new and healthy patterns for YOU,
and realise that it takes time and 'work',
like putting sand between new tiles...

The renovation is going ok,
there are challenges:
it seems we/I need to have more patience,
to take time,
because there IS time....
Part of me still 'believes' that I have to do it NOW....
as if I don't have enough time....
-could be that it is still has to do with the period I had cancer,
do I believe deep down that I have time...…?-

Mercury 'helped'
-part of the kitchen was wrong,
some was broken,
-because of delays, people were not available
to help
-because of holiday's, people could not start
and because of the delays that is a good thing now.
-my leg made sure I had to take it easy,
and I went true a quick cleansing: coughing, sneezing,
all in 2 days instead of  a week...
This will be the new kitchen….it looks ready, it isn't yet…..
My leg is getting better...not healed yet….

There is still 'rubish' that needs to be thrown out.

I decided to show you all parts of renovation,
I hope you can share parts of your transformation as well....
not only 'the good part', 
also 'the challenging parts'.....
Accept ALL parts, they are ALL good.

By accepting all parts
you will be more relaxed.
Your inner part will be more relaxed,
so it can let go easier and quicker.
So in short:
the more you can accept,
the more you can relax.
The more you can relax,
the quicker you can let go.
The more can let go,
the more space there will be for 
all the things you desire.
It will come when you are ready
and till then:
you enjoy the road.

And to end this:
-most of the kitchen is ready and it looks great :-)
-the delays made sure we had time to relax and to meet special people.
-my body is working great, I am so much more then my 'sore leg' :-)
-We couldn't have done the renovation all by our selves,
I am so grateful for all the great people who helped us. 
It is as with transformation: it is so much easier if you share and
be open for help.

There is a lot of noise at the moment:
the old toilet is going, the new is going in,
a ceiling is being replaced
and the sun is shining.
I will go outside and put some sand in between the new patio tiles,
and realise I probably have to repeat this tomorrow ;-)
Live is good!

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