Wednesday 17 July 2019

Renovation and transformation.....Eclips time part 2 and Mercury retrograde.

How are you all doing?
Did you sleep tonight or
did you wake up in the middle of the night?
Are you irritable and blaming others?
Do you meet 'old people' from the past?
Are you missing appointments of do people not react to your mails?

All of this has to do with the eclips
and a lot of retrograde planets.

Last time I wrote about the deep roots in our garden:
we found even deeper roots and
concrete tiles deep in the sand…..
We are in the 'in between stage':
there is a rosehip, but it is not red yet….

When you are in a proces of transformation,
at one point you think you let go so much 
that you almost believe you are almost there….
Then another emotion, 
related to the one you thought you had let go,
will come up.
Just to make sure if you are dedicated enough
that you really want to change....
sometimes you realise that you hold on to emotions
that are not even yours…..
they could be from your parents, grandparents,
or from society....
Those 'concrete tiles' are heavy and it takes 
effort to get them out.....
sometimes you need help to let those go....

We had a shortage of tiles in the bathroom and....
it takes 3 weeks for the new ones to come…
Our patio tiles came a day early
Someone failed her exams and...after recounting passed :-)
I moved so many old bricks...again to another place
and this morning a new tile fel on my leg.....
All Mercury retrograde and.....
should I take it more slowly?!?
We are getting there, the new kitchen will be placed,
Jaap is tiling the back,
The coming weeks/months
-lets be patient, and take time ;-)-
we will finish the inside.

In the front of the house we will put all the stuff
we don't need anymore.
When all is there, we will ask someone
to collect it 
and to get rid of it.
I am sure that for some people 
who will pass our house it seems like a big mess.
For us, it is the past:
one time it was good for us,
now it is time to let go
and start new.

It is the same when you made a decision inside to change.
People around you don't know your path,
your progress.
For them 'all of a sudden' you act different:
you stand up for your self,
change habits and 
perhaps change relationships or jobs.
For the outside 
you are not the same anymore,
not the person they are used to.
They didn't see what you all did inside.

They see 'rubbish'.....
when you start to let go
and probably need time to get used to the new you.

They have to get used to the new you,
as you had to get used to your new you.
Now you are grateful
and happy to start new...
Other people will be as well or....
will get a different rol in your live.

Take your time to let go...
Give yourself space and light

KNOW that the universe only wants the best for you.
KNOW you are powerful beyond measure.
KNOW you have much more courage then you realise.
KNOW that life should be fun and joyful,
that this doesn't mean that there are no challenges….
They 'help' us grow ;-)

Have fun, be grateful, have patience,
take responsibility and enjoy life.
You are worth it!

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