Tuesday 30 July 2019

Transforming and setting boundaries.

A wasp and a butterfly.
The wasp was attacking and the butterfly stayed….
it flapped it's wings,
and the wasp stayed away….

If you meet a wasp,
it gives you a message:
how are your boundaries? 
A butterfly shows transformation.

If you are in a proces of transformation
setting boundaries is very important.
To be a butterfly takes time.

The oak processionary caterpillar 
is shedding many times before it transforms.
The first 3 are without fire hair,
they fire hairs come with the 4th, 5th and 6th shedding…
I hope that the itching I have now,
are the fire hairs of the last shedding….

While transforming,
 it is important to remember:

'Just' go on with living and let the transformation be part of life.

So we are living in our renovated house....
and again there are 'more walls to fall down'
to let go of more old parts
to make room for space….
For some spaces nothing new will come….'only' space…

It is like getting used to eating good food and all of a sudden
when you tast 'your favorite' food, 
you don't like it anymore…
It is like meeting with an old friend, a relative
and all of a sudden you don't feel a connection…
It is like realising 
feel you don't belong anymore,
if you come back to your hometown….
Sometimes it is time to move on....
to enjoy the space….

and space we have :-)
and it comes with responsibility's….
It needs to be painted,
old parts need to be cleaned 
with ammonia and a scouring sponge.
'Fly shit' needs to get of the wood
by the new ceiling.
-Our fly screen couldn't be placed
because of misunderstandings - Mercury retrograde ;-)-
so we had lots of unwanted visitors….-

The dream stealers, 
the people who always see the glass half full.
People who like you to stay as you are,
so they don't have to look at you
as a mirror,
someone who is confronting them with themselves…

I visited a great woman yesterday,
93 years old 
a lot of physical challenges
positive, open minded,
full of humor,
respect for people,
and also down to earth,

She loves her (great) grand children,
her children and there spouses.
She sees there flaws AND there good points.
No good or fault,

Perhaps it is good to talk more with people like her,
to see things more in perspective,
especially as you are in a proces of transformation/renovation.

They lived there live,
had to go trough many transformations
and show you 
that if you go on,
it will work out!
Perhaps not always as you wanted it to be,
but it will work out.
If there is no other option
then accepting,
life will show you 
you are stronger then you think.
If you made a mistake
forgive yourself,
and make the best of it
and....life will give you miracles.

I loved living next to my grandparents,
I learned a lot about unconditional love
not taking myself to serious
and just to be me.
They didn't have to take care of me.....

I know a lot of grandparents 
take care of there grandchildren.
That is great if there is space and room,
to enjoy themselves,
to share story's.
I am not sure if it is always ok....
If it is to busy,
grandparents will be parents
both party's could miss out.
Grandparents should
-as I see it-
be special.....
people who show us that live will always be good,
that there are challenges
you never get more then you can deal with.
Their story's show us
that challenges in life,
are there to show you how powerful you are.
They show you how you can will be
as you deal with these challenges….

Transformation and renovation…..
not all that is 'old' is bad.
Keep the good things :-)

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