Sunday 7 July 2019

Transformation and renovation part 5, eclips time....

And then.....
more delays....
All the old stuff was gone
and it looked like the new didn't want to go in....

I am sure you can relate to this:
you are in the progress of transformation,
and you 'think' you are as good as ready
and then…..
you are stuck….
-the weight is not going of as you thought it would
-you think you can never enjoy certain food again, is that true?!?
-the new job is not as good as your thought it would be
-old issues come up about a relationship/in a relationship, you thought you left
-you still feel not free in a new relationship
What is going on?!?
should I just let it go?
Will it never be for me?

A crack in the glas ceiling....
And....instead of looking inside,
we looked outside of us....
I got a terrible skin rash,
lot's of itching....
The hairs of the oak processionary caterpillar....

While not transformed into a butterfly/moth yet,
it makes a lot of troubles....
It is like the time from the old to the new.....
The time between letting go of the old
and inviting the new
is a challenging time....

We have to realise that there is an in between….
These berries of the Rowan tree, 
look like the end result, 
but are not red yet.
They transform from a white flower into berries 
and then you have to wait till they are red.....

When we decided to look inside:
'Are we ready to invite the new?'
I realised we were ready for 60%,
not 100% yet….
There was an old emotion AND....
we had to do something ourselves first....

In our garden we had to clean the roots of the Rowan tree, before we could
cover them up again…..
a good reminder, that we have to look at our shadow….

This decision changed the energy:
immediate after this, Jaap got an app:
'We have a solution, we are coming with 3 persons tomorrow to work'.

I also got a great book to read.
There was nothing new in the book,
it was a reminder.
The book is written with lots of humor :-)
-a great book to read for all of you!-
I realised that our life cycle plan showed what we wanted as well:
renovation AND relaxation….
We have time for relaxation ;-)
Every chapter of the book ended with the advise:
Love yourself….

We are all in a period of transformation.
This eclips is helping as well,
as is Mercury retrograde that starts July 7th.
Time to look inside,
how do we communicate with ourselves….

Every eclips is a period of changing,
this one,
just before jan. 2020
is even more important
to help is to transform.
To let go
what is outdated,
To let go
to make space for the new.

Probably for most of us,
it is like the butterfly stuck in the new part of our house,
like the itching because of the processionary caterpillar.
Do we go on to be the best we can be,
or do we find excuses
not to have to look inside.

Do we forget,
that what is blocking us inside,
are old emotions,
started when we were younger
or do we have the courage
to deal with them,
step by step.

For us:
We worked hard in the back yard:
moved lot's of sand,
changed patio tiles.
In between I changed my practice as well:
I thought it was ready,
but it wasn't…..

If you change one of the 5 pillars:
body, relationship, society, mind, financial/loving yourself,
then there need to be a new balance….
So realise that if you are transforming one part of your life,
the other parts will change as well....
We can not hide….

I found so many snails
-with the abundance sign on there house-
Do we stay in our 'house'
or do we have the courage to come out
and live a life of abundance.

I let you all in our process of renovation,
I wish you all a great time
of your personal 'renovation'/ transformation.

Realise you don't have to do it by yourself,
ask help if needed,
have patience with yourself,
make sure you take time to have fun,
you are not your roles.….
you are LOVE,
in a process to love yourself unconditionally
and be open to attract what makes YOU happy
Be grateful for all the 'help' the universe gives you.
Perhaps you don't see 'the gift' yet,
I hope you will see and realise it soon.

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