Wednesday 6 May 2020

Social distancing......Saturn in Aquarius, part 3

We 'have to get used to the new norm, the 1 1/2 meter society'.

This is what we hear
and it could make you scared,
or it could make you wonder....

Could it be that we were
'too close to each other',
didn't give people space,
to be themselves.

We had to be careful
while paying by credit cart,
because 'someone could see your pin'.
Now people respect that space.

Children needed to hug or kiss family/friends
even though they didn't want to, but:
because 'you should'.
Now they don't have to anymore....

On the other hand,
older people didn't get a lot of visitors,
a phone call once in a while
was for some of them the most they got.
Now people realise
how important parents/grandparents are.
They get lot's of attention,
and that is great.
Now more people realise
that live can be short,
and that you should do NOW
what is really important to you.
More people realise that lack
of bodycontact is not good as well...
Let's find a middle way….

Social distancing and Saturn in Aquarius.
If you take a step back
most of the time
you can see things more clearly.
Sometimes you are 'to close to situations/persons'
to see how it really is.

When I look back,
I realise that I often choose to leave a situation,
instead of dealing with it.
And also: if I felt dat something felt really wrong,
I became 'the rebel'.
It was or/or instead of and/and.

My first job as a teacher was a great one
and.....a challenging one.
However: I could close my door and teach the way
I wanted to teach and lived on my own 'island'.

At that time children started 'school' at 6,
and the 4 and 5 years old
were in an other building.
Even though these teachers were in the same meetings,
they were treated as 'less',
 'didn't know as much as we did'.

I felt a connection with them:
they looked at the kids first,
something I thought was most important.
This feeling I didn't have with the other teachers.
I wanted change.
I felt a huge responsibility towards the parents:
they trusted me to be with there children many ours of a day...
I had to do the best job I could
their children should be happy.
Now I know more than then,
how important healthy roots are....

Did I talk about it? A little bit...
the headmaster had strong opinions
and I wasn't secure enough to deal with that.

My connections with the parents was strong, felt as if I was in the middle.….
I wanted change......
after 3 years I had a feeling,
it would never come
I went away….
Far away….
I needed social distancing….

When I started my practice
I realised the importants of grounding
and also how challenging this is,
so I started using energy products.

I had my own team and
although I didn't agree with the 'big team'
on a lot of things,
I didn't stay on my 'island',
this time, 
I connected and helped the bigger team.

The team was happy with me,
and I did more to help,
I wanted to be part of the change.....

This time it wasn't a 'headmaster',
this time it was an upline,
who mirrored me...
She 'hoped' I would follow her blindly,
follow a path she thought was ok....

I went abroad again
AND helped when I was back,
stayed in the team.

Social distancing….:
things became more clear,
big challenges were needed
I didn't run away this time:
I dealt with it
still use these products :-)

From a distance I saw
how challenging it is,
to be YOU in a group…..

The King of Holland
had a speech at memorial day.
A speech that was honest
and showed 'distancing'.

He looked back at World War 2
and also at the role of his grandmother.
When you look back
-social distancing-
you realise that
somethings are not ok.
You see that:
'people let it happen'....
Who stood up for the Jews, the Roma,
people who 'were different so not ok'?

A lot of people looked the other way,
because of fear…...
Pluto, also the planet of fear
fear of dying.
Important: accepting, forgiving
and change.....
I am sure all of us have some forgiving to do
….especially towards ourselves….

1946 was a year like 2020:
a year of transformation.
A start of a new period.
Then Pluto and Saturn were in an other sign:
Leaders should be leaders from the heart,
instead of force or ego….
...and still we had dictators....

Now we need leaders that take responsibility,
have patience, be brave AND.....
make sure the vulnerable,
are being taken care of.
Quilt and blame should not be the key worlds,
and instead of quilt and shame,
Know that our acts have consequences.

The leaders now
have to make sure that the economy is strong
remember that:
restaurants, nursing homes, children,
emotional well being,
is part of the economy as well...

While I write this ants are invading our house.
I was not so happy to see them,
till I read their message :-)

The spiritual meaning of ants: 
'Take a step back,
don't spent to much time being busy with others,
so you forget what YOU have to do.
Set boundaries, look at the bigger picture.
trust your power and know you have an unique talent.
Don't wast your time 
wanting to be something you aren't.
First help yourself.
Together you make a new world.
You work for your 'queen'
because you want to,
you choose to.'

'Everyone is appreciated, everyone is unique.
At the right time, the right person will appear,
you are all connected.
Be patient.
Dreams will come true, step by step.
Trust that the universe will take care of you
and it will be good for all'.

What a great sign….

I love this view....
It took time 
to look like this.
I saw the trees get leaves
at different times,
their own time..
Different colours showed,
every tree is unique
and beautiful at its own.
Together they are not only beautiful:
they are amazing :-)

We are building a new society,
and there is a place for everyone.

Let's give ourselves time to grow,
to heal,
to set boundaries,
to have fun.
Let's choose to go inside this month
and find out what is important.
Social/personal distancing….

Know and trust 
that your unique quality is needed,
needed for this new society we are living in.

We don't have to be busy and working hard all the time,
we should take a step back and BE...

We have time:
Pluto will move to Aquarius the beginning of 2024,
so one step at the time 
is more then enough....
Stay safe and healthy,
ask help if needed.

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