Tuesday 5 May 2020

Social distancing.....the next step, part 2

May 4th, remembrance day in Holland.
This year it was different than other years
and even more powerful...
People watched it from home,
instead of going outside.
'The Dam' in Amsterdam was empty,
only 6 people were there.
The emptiness was powerful..

Perhaps we need more distancing,
to really look inside ourselves
and feel what's important...

Saturn and Pluto are both in the sign of Capricorn.
The sign of government, responsibility, guilt, shame
and also the elderly...
On remembrance day we remember
the people we lost because of wars.

Now a lot of people 
remember lost parents, grandparents, 
aunts and uncles.
Old and vulnerable people are the one
that are hit by the coronavirus.

A lot of people die alone,
loved ones can not say goodbye in a way they want to.
Family and friends can not attent a funeral.
This is social distancing at it worst....
must almost feel like a war...

The social planet Jupiter,
is in Capricorn as well 
and will go retrograde May 14.
We will re-visit 
the period of the middle of febr. till May 14.

This planet is also the planet of healing and consciousness.
Did we raise our consciousness?
Are we healing our society or
are we afraid, to afraid.
Can we be responsible AND social.

In a city close by 
a woman 'escaped' from a nursing home.
They found her the next day, 
sleeping under a tree:
she felt as if she was in prison, she wanted to get out.

A 82 year woman is sitting in front of a home
were her husband is living, because of dementia:
'He doesn't understand this, I want to hug him
and tell him it is ok. 
Now he doesn't believe me anymore.
I stay her till I can go in.'

We decorated a house for a 90 year old special man.
We did it in the middle of the day, 
when they had there afternoon nap,
so they wouldn't know.
His wife heard us -88 years old- and came outside.
She wanted us to come in 
and have a coffee to surprise her husband.
What should we do?!?
When we finished we went in, 
sat on the other side of the room,
had a drink and left….
He was so happy: did we do something wrong?!?

May 13 Venus is going retrograde as well,
Venus the planet of love, beauty, connection, 
money, relationships,
taking time for YOU.
It will re-visit the period from April 10th.
It is in the sign of Gemini: communication.

Can we find a middle way,
Be responsible,
Be loving,
Be connected,
Be responsible,
Be together….

Will restaurant be open again,
so you can meet and socialise
outside your home?
Can you have a haircut?
Can you visit your parents, grandparents
AND be responsible?
Can children hug there grandparents
without asking
'is it allowed by Corona'?

All those little children:
do they understand what is going on?
Do we realise that they FEEL,
and words are not that important for them..
Could some of them 'think' they are not loved...
the same as we did as a child, 
when we didn't understand what was going on...?

The vulnerable people in our society:
do they understand what is going on?
How do we deal with the mental site of this all?
Let's think about this,
it is as important as the physical part of us.

Next month Neptune will go retrogade as well
…..let's not wait to deal with emotions..

For us:
We are not victims.
If you feel you are:
take time to heal that part in you,
with Jupiter and Venus retrograde
it is a great time to do.
With Saturn and Pluto retrograde as well,
you can not only change,
you can transform!
Just like our society is in a big transformation,
we are as well!

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