Monday 4 May 2020

Social distancing.....the next step...part 1

As you see our spring flowers are gone 
and you only see the green leaves that are left.
My first thought was to to get rid of the leaves because
'they don't look so nice without the flowers'.

When I looked into it, 
I found something interesting:
the bulbs take nutrition from the green leaves,
so they can bloom nicely the next year...
So if I would have cut the leaves of,
I wouldn't have nice flowers next year.....

If I wouldn't have taken the time
to distance my self from what I thought was 'nice'
I would have missed out next year….

The coronavirus is still here 
and after a time of lockdown and distancing,
we get more freedom.
Can we deal with this freedom?
Can we be grateful what it has brought us
or are we looking for someone to blaim?
This month a lot of planets go retrograde. 
Pluto started to do this the end of April.
We will re-visit the last months:
how did we do,
was it the right thing to do or 
do we have to make some adjustments?

I wrote a lot about the year of 2020 and its big changes,
and it had to do with Pluto and Saturn.
Saturn will go retrograde on the 11th of May.

We will revisit the period of  
January -Pluto-
and Februari -Saturn- 
till now.
Exactly the start of the Coronavirus
and how the government dealt with it.
On March 23 Saturn went in Aquarius:
could we as society take our own responsibility
and be free AND take care of each other:
it was challenging sometimes...

After May 11th we will revisit this period
and on July 2th 
Saturn will go back in Capricorn:
if we as society can be responsible 
for ourselves and each other,
it will be great,
if not…..
it could be that we get another lockdown….

It will be interesting what will happen.

how important.

I got this picture
I had to look a few times to see it.....
I had to distance myself….

How many old patterns do you have inside of you?

Can you take a step back and look again?

Do you accept yourself as you are
and Know you are good as you are?
Do you Know that you have a choice,
a choice to change what you don't like?
Do you Know that what others think of you
says something about them?

Could it be that we need more distance….
to see what's really important?

How are you?
How was your life from Jan/Febr?
Do you want to/need to re-do somethings?

We ARE society 
and as strong as every individual is,
choose to 
like the bulbs....
So in time we can share our beauty,
like the flowers,
with all the people around us.

Next time about Jupiter and Venus,
both go also retrograde in May.


  1. so true, i,m very greatfull for this period and what it brouhgt me,proud of myself to choose my best interest .thx for reminding me again...and again. Berndien, big hug with love Diana

  2. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. Safety signs