Friday 8 May 2020

Social distancing....the next step part 4

Not only planets will go retrograde this month,
the Moon nodes change signs as well!

Since nov. 2018 the North Node was in Cancer,
and the South Node in Capricorn.
The nodes are about balance between two opposite signs.
The North Node is about progress and fulfilment,
it is our guide to a better future,
the South Node is our comfort zone:
we have to get out to grow..

Capricorn and Cancer:
balance in society, rules, regulation
honouring your past and protecting the vulnerable,
finding your 'real family'.
The last 2 years you saw riots in country's:
people wanted balance,
governments who 'forgot' about there people
were 'reminded' by there people and wanted change...

What happened in your life?
It could be that something changed in your family
perhaps you had to let go of loved one,
one way or the other..

Since May 5th the North Node is in Gemini,
and will stay there till Jan. 2022.
The South Node is in Sagittarius.

Is it true what everyone believes,
or could it be different?!?
Do you have the courage to share your opinion
are you open for other peoples opinions
if you have more and better information,
are you open for a new way if thinking.

Is there manipulation, 'fake' news,
and are the experts really experts
or do they stick to their believes,
instead of being open for new information...

Do we know our own power,
are we open to raise our consciousness,
open for different opinions,
open to listen...

Do we give ourselves time.
Time to Be,
Time to be happy.
Realising that knowledge
is what we learned from
the rules of the system
wisdom comes from our heart:

And then I got another 'sign':
a great tit in our garden
is building a nest.
It's message is the above:
take your time, practice and stop doubting yourself,
your own inner power,
the North Node is Sagittarius...

In Holland, on May 6th
we got an update for more freedom.
Hairdressers are open but sportclubs are not.
Hotels are open and their restaurants as well,
other restaurants are not.
Theaters are open, only for 30 people
and planes are flying full off people....
What is going on?

We will find out the coming time
and if we are not ready yet,
we just make sure we do what we need to do.
Venus is in Gemini as well
and goes retrograde:
good timing ;-)
Go inside, be happy,
love yourself
and speak YOUR truth.

Last year I wrote a lot of blogs about
'renovation and transformation'.
Were we ready?
not yet....
Today I used the wheelbarrow again...
the terras needs some changes...
a little water stayed on the tiles...
I think we are ready to make it good this time
if not....
we just change it again :-)
The little tits on the left
and a lounger  on the right..
Could it we that this is also a sign...?
Should I take it a bit easier.....
perhaps ;-)...

Next week will be interesting?
What is going on in your life?
Most likely you get the chance
to re-do something in your life?
Something that makes your life better than it was?

Expect, accept and be happy :-)

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