Monday 13 September 2021

Did you move or are you still running? Part 2


Since the '80 'other children' were born.

Rainbow children, indigo children, star children,

we can give them different names and for me

they ALL are special children,

children who came here to help us all....

They felt and feel

if people are true or not true.

If they are authentic

or if they are hiding 

unhealed parts inside of them.

They react to this energy.

Some in a quiet way 

- this is what society often calls 'good children'-

others in an 'angry', 'disruptive' way....

Instead of letting them be themselves,

see them as 'signs of a time',

of a changing society

we choose to mold them so they would 'fit' in....

Instead of changing the old school system,

we invented labels......

as if not all children are unique....

In a way it is strange: 

we accepted the computer, internet,

new inventions and couldn't accept

the new people who belong to this energy....

-I know it sounds very black and white,

it wasn't and isn't that way. 

Some really wanted to help and change the system

and some of the things changed already.....

probably not enough yet.....

It is important to remember this if you look 

at society is not all black and white...-

A child feels........

It feels and it protects feelings of being hurt.

It does it by building walls,

acting out or going inside.

It stores these feelings,

by 'hiding' in it it cells.

These cells have memory,

our body remembers.....

Our cells will keep this memory a certain time,

till they want to come out 

and replaced by love again....

How many old pain is in our cells from our

parents/grandparents, society....

We are not only healing our own wounds,

we are also healing the wounds we inherited....

Wouldn't it be great our kids don't have 

to inherit these unhealed emotions from us?

Wouldn't it be great society

doesn't have to inherit these as well?

Astrological transits in a chart will show 

when it is time 

to deal with this....

Even if you don't want it, 

you soul Knows it is necessary.

I knows you are more courageous

than you realise so.... 

it will happen.

As society, 

we are in such a transit now.

We are in an energy that is 'helping' us, 

to heal, to change, to move.....

We should remember our power

and our courage inside...

Do you make a choice now, as an adult,

to deal with 'feelings'....

or are you still 'running away'? 

Do you feel you are YOU


you are part of society?

Do you feel seen, heard and respected?

As an adult we have a choice:

run away or move......

We were all children...

we are all adults now......

Society is mirroring us....

We see hurt, sadness, feeling powerless,

not being seen as an individual:

do YOU see your unique quality?

Did you 'move'?

Did you deal with pain, sadness and hurt

or did you need 'corona' to help you.....?

If you move house as often as we did,

than you know moving is not so easy....

You have to decide what to take with you 

and what you have to leave behind....

Not everything will fit in your new house,

not everything will fit in the boxes.....

Some things can not go with you 

and you are glad: 

you found a good reason to get rid of them.

Other items are still good,

but....there is not enough space for them:

you have to make a choice

what to take and what to leave:

moving means making choices.....

Make sure when you decide to move,

that you do it from a place of gratitude.

When you move you move objects,

and also yourself....

and by that you have to leave some people behind.

If you have to leave people behind,

be thankful for what they showed you,

so you really can make a move.....

and have space for new people in your life.

And it  could be 

that in the future,

you find yourself in a challenging situation again.

A situation like you experienced 

before the move....

Sometimes we have to re-visit, 

re-start, re-focus, re-adjust again....

You have to admit, 

that you didn't 'move' 

but were running away....

Be compassionate with yourself 

if this happens:

you get as many opportunity's as you need,

it is not a competition.

You get all the time you need

to go back 

to the person you are:


And as someone said years ago in a seminar:

'Where do you think money likes to go

if it could choose?

Would it go to an angry and negative person

or to a happy and grateful one?

Money/Love/Power: it is all the same energy....

Be an magnet for this energy,

don't feel powerless: you aren't!

Don't feel poor: you aren't!

Don't feel unloved: you aren't!

If you still feel powerless, poor or unloved:

realise that perhaps you are still 'running away'......

You could make a choice to 'move'

instead of running away,

go inside.....

You don't have to do it alone anymore,

take it one step at a time

and attract like minded people:

people  who stopped running

and choose to move.....

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