Monday 6 September 2021

What do you believe?

September 7th is the new Moon, a new beginning.

Every month there is a new Moon,

so every month the focus is on one sign,

this month it is Virgo.

The sign of Virgo, wants to 'help',

looks at details, find practical solutions,

works hard to improve himself,

supportive, kind and gentle.

It also can be shy, all work no play,

over critical towards its self and others

and worry to much.

It rules the digestive system: input and progression.

Everyone of us has Virgo in its chart!

If not in the planets then in the houses:

so it is important for us all.

Where in your live are you working hard


perhaps are to critical towards yourself 

and should you  use censorship....?

In the chart of this new Moon,

it shows some of old emotional themes.

Can we deal with our old wound -Chiron-

and speak up AND listen to the other

or do we still feel we have to 'fight'.....

Fight and speak up because other wise

'they won't listen' and

'we will not get what we want!'

Did people listen to you when you were a child

did you get what you wanted?

If we remember we are ONE,

remember that it is good to be ourselves,

that we ARE love and loved

and that we change the world by healing our wounds

it will be great.....

I only have a feeling 

we, as society, are not there...yet.....

There are 6 planets going retrograde

and Mercury will join on the 27th,

-it is in its shadow now-

So it is time to go inward.

Realise that there is trauma in us

that we 'just' inherited....

and we can choose to deal with it,

or give it to the next generation....

Do we allow others to heal,

do you allow yourself to heal

or are you to critical towards yourself


critical towards others and society.....

If you be critical towards others and society,

most likely 

you are even more critical towards yourself than you think...

Be nice, treat yourself as you would treat your loved one.....

We are all in the same boat....

We are still in the Saturn/Uranus energy.

In December it will be exact for the last time.

Can we be ourselves AND part of society

or are we divided in pro and anti.......

not listening to each other to hear,

but to respond.....

Not healing ourselves but 'demanding' others to heal....

Pluto will stay in Capricorn till 2023/2024,

so we have some time left to change

old rules and old powers,


how can we change the old powers in the world,

if we are not prepared to look at the old -emotional- powers

in ourselves.......

This month will help us heal these old wounds,

only.....we have to make a choice

to look inside instead of looking outside....

the outside will change if we change.....

The North Node is in Gemini

and I had a few conversation about 

the school system and children in the school system.

For me it is important that children feel that they are part of the group,

so I think school is important.


more and more children are not 'fitting in'....

Instead of changing the system,

society found a way how to deal with 'these children'.....

Labeling helped teachers to get extra money,

extra time to help these children

so they would fit in the system....

I understand that it is not easy for teachers

to deal with all kind of different children

in a system that was made for 'all the same',

in a different time, in a different society....

When I started teaching 

it was not always easy to make sure all children

felt heard and seen 

and most of my colleagues

were not open for new ways:

'he is just like that'

'better find another school'

'his sister is just the same'..

Now they are listening more to children,

because the children are 'louder'.....

By their actions they 'demand' to be listened to.....

and instead of changing the system,

we made more rules,

more administration.

How tough must this be for teachers.....

Extra money and help for children 

is possible.....if there is a label.

If there is no label, there is no extra money....

For me it feels as if a child needs help 

because it doesn't fit in a group

and this doesn't feel good to me....

For me 

ALL children should feel they are unique AND part of a group...

For me there should be extra money for ALL children....

How come we assume that quiet children,

children who follow the rules,

don't make waves

don't need extra attention as well?

Could it be that these children are afraid of the heavy emotions/reactions

and decide to be quiet....

Afraid of not being loved

and by this 

forget what they really want

and who they really are.

They 'just' follow what 'they' 


want to see and hear from them?

Don't they need extra attention as well?

I was that quiet child

and as a teacher I felt for the children who acted out

and were 'different'

and by that were not accepted by other children....

Now I know they were my mirrors,

I also know that my principal was a mirror as well.....

I was 'shy' to speak up.....I choose to leave....

Virgo, the digestive system:

how much do you take in energetically

that you can not digest.....

Can you let it go now?

I can let go a lot easier.

Now I choose to 'speak up' 

AND also see the challenges of others...

What can I do?

Sometimes nothing, 

sometimes planting a seed,

sometimes find a practical solution.....


realising that I only can do so much

and that is enough......

Then it was all work no play

now it is more respect for my self and....

accept and enjoy life.....

For the future:

I hope and wish there is way that children can learn

and be taught together in a group

in a respectful way.

In a way so they realise how important they are as a person

and how important they are as part of the group.

These happy children will make a happy society.

And we can help them to heal our trauma,

so they don't have to do it for us......

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