Sunday 12 September 2021

Did you move or....are you running away? Part 1

We can not see the roots of a tree,

we know they are not strong enough 

if the tree falls down....

We can not see the foundation of a house,

we know it is not ok, 

when walls crack or fall down.

We can not know how our balance is,

till we experience pain, hurt and/or betrayal.

With so many planet retrograde 

and with Mercury in it's shadow

-will go retrograde the 27th-

we will get lot's of opportunity 

to re-set, re-adjust, re-start and re-focus.

Pay attention to your emotions.....

they give away if you act

from a wounded or healed place.

You can choose to act 

from a place of wonder and excitement,

accepting and gratefulness,

even if you are upset, angry or hurt...

It is your choice to make.

If you don't like were you are right now:


Why should you stay in a place/situations that makes you sad:


Why should you let people stay in your life who make you unhappy:



but don't run away!

If you keep finding yourself in the same situations,

than you didn't move.....

you were running away.

You didn't deal with your deepest hidden emotions,

you 'just' acted from this wounded child....

You're  protecting this wounded child,

as a child.....

Instead of acting as the adult you are now:

older, wiser and compassionate,

you are acting out....

running away from the pain....

A child doesn't have the ability to deal with issues,

it 'just' want to be loved 

and will find ways to get this love...

It does everything to get love

and there will be a point 

if confuses love with 'getting attention'......


acting out in a way that society/parents/family don't like

is the only way it gets this attention....

Do you as an adult need attention,

confusing it with 'needing love'?

Do you recognize it?

Look at the 5 pillars 

-Body, Mind, Relationships, Society, Money-

for clues: are they in balance?

A child mirrors parents,

they want to help their parents to 'heal'


if we keep running away from our wounded inner child,

our children/society will keep us

 'helping' in any way

they 'think' is best.....

'Just' to remind us

that it is time to heal...

Can we stop and move,

deal with the unhealed parts in ourselves

so our children don't have to mirror us anymore

or do we want them to forget about themselves,

their unique quality's

and 'blend' in......

Like we were 'blending in'.....

running away from who we are...

Can we make a choice
to stop running and move. 
Move from anger and intolerance
to peace and love.....

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