Thursday 16 December 2021

Freedom is on the other side of fear.....part 2


One night I felt like walking.

Normally Jaap doesn't like me to walk just outside town,

so I asked if he minded.

-If he would have minded I would have walked

through the town.-

I know why he doesn't want me to walk in the dark:

he wants to 'protect me' and....

I don't want him to worry.

This time he said: 'if you feel that is what you want

you should do it'.

A great mirror for me :-)

It was a bit dark, but the few light were enough

for a great walk.

All of a sudden two hares jumped over the street:

what a great mirror!

The hare also 'asks' for patience......

Yesterday I had to wait for the train:

a veeeery slow going, veeeeery long train.....


When I talked to Jaap about it:

'most likely it is a train with hazardous substances'...

Isn't that what is going on now?

We have to be patient,

because there is something 'dangerous' going on...

Is it the 'virus'?

I don't think so, 

the virus is 'just' a mirror.

For me the danger is looking outside ourselves,

not dealing with our grief and pain.

Forgetting how important nature is,

how important people are,

how important our body is and...

that we all should go back 

who we really are:

love and peace.

Love for yourself first,

so you have enough left to share,

share with the people around you.


Respect for each other 

because you respect yourself

Respect for the earth, for nature, 

because without nature we would not be here.

The last years we all raised our consciousness

and we can choose now:

we know more, know better so

we can make different and better choices.

Did you forgive yourself 

for doing the things you did when you didn't know better?

You should! 

You did the best you could at that time!

Internet and social media,

helped us to connect with the whole world,

realising 'that we are One'.


we still have to remember that we all are 

also a unique part of this 'Oneness'.

We have to think for ourselves as well,

not just follow opinions.

We shouldn't want to be 

what other people expect us to be,

look like or do.

The only thing we should want,

is being ourselves.

We should be grateful. 

Grateful for the people 

who know more about the things

we don't know much about.

Realising we don't have to know it all:

we are unique, and others are also unique,

so we can help each other and

don't have to do it all by ourselves.

Can we trust each other,

can we trust ourselves...


Be sure you walk your talk from inner power.

If there is to much emotion, 

there is most likely old pain to deal with.

Deal with it: be integer.

Also be grateful for all the people 

who have to make decisions about the Coronavirus:

how tough must it be......

It is a new virus and needs  quick actions,

sometimes while there is not enough information...yet....

Their decision has an effect on so many people and....

there will always be someone/ a group who doesn't like it...

How challenging to be integer....

We choose these people and....

if we think they didn't do a good job,

we can choose again....

what a privilege. 

We all can choose every day to change,

that is also a privilege!

If you look at your 5 pillars:

which one is the weakest link?

What can you do today to make it stronger?

Is it your mind, 

your body, relationships,

work/society or finances?

Choosing to accept what is


talking about it with someone

is a big step.

Do you trust yourself enough to trust someone else?

Talking about it, 

reaching out is a sign of power.

Power, money and love is all the same energy;

It takes power to speak about it, to reach out


by doing this 

you let the energy flow again.

You will be more and more at peace.

Imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Can you see a bright future?

If you can't yet,

be sure it will be there.

We just have to go to the other side of fear,

our fear....

If we choose to do this,

and remember the courage we have inside,

we will find freedom.

Now we 'only' have to take it one day at a time


be patient.......

That sounds so easy, only

it can be very challenging 

if part of you likes to be in control....

I realise I still have some control issues ;-)

I am sure it will be solved

when the time is right for me.....

I trust and be patient,

am grateful and enjoy every day :-)

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