Wednesday 15 December 2021

On the other side of fear lies freedom......part 1

 After we got an extension for the evening lockdown till Jan. 14,

I realised there was an other tone in the presentation.


our prime minister talked about 'own responsibility',

now he speaks of 'not hugging grandparents over 70'


'probably more restrictions in the coming weeks'.....

What happened?!?

Can we, as society, not be responsible,

because there is fear inside of us,

fear of lack,

fear of dealing with emotions,

fear of something we don't know?

Could it be 

that it is the fear we felt when we were a child,

when we couldn't understand the rules our parents made...

Rules we didn't understand but had to follow....

Are we going on doing the same,

or do we heal that part and take responsibility....

Was 'the tone' of the press conference necessary?

Didn't we take the responsibility

and do we get 'punished'.....

-not by our parent but now by the 'prime minister'/president/king/...-

Do we realise that if we don't deal with the fear inside us,

we will get the mirrors in society and....

we will 'give' this to our children.

They will have to solve this in about 30/40 years again...

The children who were born in these period,

are all born in the same energy.

It depends on the parents and other loved ones around them

how they are going to deal with it:

if parents felt/feel restricted or if they are afraid,

children will feel restricted and afraid as well....

Afraid to show emotions, just following rules

or acting out and being 'punished'.....

If parents realise it is a choice to be afraid or to be free

AND they are being patient with themselves,

they can make a conscious choice.

When they do,

they will find ways to enjoy the things they can do

and children will feel safe and secure.

How patient are you with yourself


how patient are you with your children

or children around you.....

When we lived in Saudi,

lot's of woman and children left for the whole summer:

'it is to hot!'

I didn't.

'In Holland you have to be inside because of the rain,

here because of the sun.

We choose to go outside early in the morning and at the end of the evening

and that is great. 

The children still see their dad every evening

and that is important as well!

For men it is just as hot as for woman and children'.

If you choose to be free, you find a way.

I was a bit shocked that this time in the press conference

they didn't talk about personal responsibility, 

because that is what is needed 

if you choose freedom.

Now it looks like 'Saturn stays in prison':

'you have to do what we tell you or else....'

Most of the time when one energy is suppressed,

the other energy comes out in an unexpected way -Uranus way-

It is the last time of the Saturn/Uranus square:

these planets look for balance, 

only the press conference

sounded more like 

'restrictions without freedom'.....

For people with a lot of fear inside,

it will be a scary time or a rebellious time.

I believe that more and more people

can balance these two energy's.

I am sure lot's of people will use the Uranus energy,

in a mature way.

They will invite loved ones this Christmas time

and hug children and grandchildren

because that is important!

I am sure most of them will do it in a responsible way

and not do this when they feel ill....

-you wouldn't do that before Covid, did you?!?-

Most likely some will get ill,

and I hope/expect it will not be very bad.

My concern are the people 

who are not 'thinking for themselves'

and follow the rules 'because they are the rules'....

Family's will be torn.....

little children will not understand emotionally:

'why can I not hug grandma/dad?'

Most likely they will understand mentally:

'it is a rule so we have to follow'.....

but how is it emotionally?!?

My mind went back to the Gulf war.

We had gas masks and at one time we had to evacuate

from Riyadh to Jeddah to take a plane back home.

We travelled by bus trough the desert.

At one point, far enough from Riyadh,

we had to hand in the gasmasks.

All people did, only Loes was worried:

'What if there is an attack and we don't have the gasmasks?!?'

I could explain that we were far enough away from

the attacks and that we didn't need them anymore.

She looked at me, waited....and then accepted it 

and stepped in the bus again....

She asked.....what about all the other children

who didn't asked and were also worried?

Did they believe they had 'to follow orders or else.....'

When we went back after a few months,

I had children who 'ducked' when they heard an airplane flying over.....

We are now in a period of 'another war', 

the 'Corona war'...

As I mentioned in my last blog: 

we also have a Pluto/Venus energy.

Can you make sure you find ways to do what you like/love,

be with the people you love,

even if it is in an other way than you would choose?


can you follow the rules that are needed and....

let go of outdated rules.......

Are you responsible enough to do that?

Schools will be closed one week early:

will people use this time to connect,

or do we use it to shop for food and/or presents.....


Are grandparents babysitting and enjoy it,

or do they feel 'they have to'....

Are parents choosing to take days of,

or will they get days of from their employers

or do children feel that they are a burden for their parents

when they are not going to school......?

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