Sunday 12 December 2021 interesting ride...

 We are all in a process of healing,

as humanity,

as society,

as family's

and most of all personal....

Even though I had a feeling of calm and trust deep down,

I also was a bit anxious: this coughing of mine took so long

and people around me were worried....

Could I trust my intuition or......

could there be something really wrong?!?

Years ago I had cancer: 

could it have come back after all these years?!?

I decided to go to my MP to check. 

He thought it was best to make an X ray:

'coughing for so many weeks is not ok'......

I had my X ray and I had the results: everything was ok,

more than ok.......

Why still this coughing?......

unsolved issues.....

there is still some more healing to do ;-)

As an adult you can,

as a child you can not....and

if you are not prepared to look inside and heal the child,

the 'adult you

will have to deal with the hidden emotions....

sometimes hidden in physical challenges...

Even if we really want to change and

choose to be healthy and in peace,

our inner child is still reacting from it's point of view.'...

It wants to 'protect' us in a way a child needs protecting...

Do we realise how powerful our inner child is?

Can we be compassionate and patient with this part in us?

What do you see around you?

How do you see the world right now?

Can you see it as a mirror

and can you choose to change what is inside of you,

so there will be another mirror?

Or are you still afraid,

and are you limiting yourself......

Energy is patient,

and gives you/us/me as many opportunity's to heal as needed.

We, as the world 

get as many opportunity's as needed.

If we don't deal with it now,

we will get mirrors as society,

we get mirrors as people.

Mirrors in our relationships,

in our financial situation,

in our jobs, 

in our emotions

or our body will show it.....

I attract beautiful mirrors

and I am grateful for them,

I also attract challenging mirrors

and I am also grateful for them.

I realise that using intuition is not always easy,

not easy for people around you

and not easy for yourself:

we live in a world that wants proof, numbers, 'real'.

So when you are a feeling/intuitive person

you are sometimes 'weird'....

people don't understand you a child 

you developed way's to deal with it,

way's that wasn't always good for you....

For me it was touch to deal with anger, aggression,

and hard voices.

I didn't understand why I got spanked the first time

'why do you do that?!?'

I didn't understand why people laughed at Laurel and Hardy,

when one of them hurt himself again and again

because of an folding bed.

'Don't do that again, it hurts!'

How come I reacted like this?!?

Could it be that I felt their pain

and wanted to help them?

Could it be that I also felt 

the insecurity behind people who acted 'tough'

and.....'decided' to act on that:

'stay quiet: inside they are hurt/insecure

and I shouldn't hurt that part more....'

By acting like this,

I forgot that I would be hurt in the process....

Cancer has to do with anger,

and there was a lot of anger inside me...

No one saw it, I didn't realise it,

because my believe was:

'People can be angry at me if I don't do

what they expect me to do,

I disappoint them so I am wrong! 


my inner conscious decided to  hide the anger....

So much that my body had to 'help'

me deal with it.....

Now I know that is what I did,

then I didn't realise it because.....

it was my pattern.......

When I changed that pattern,

lot's of things changed

and deep down,

the 'recording of first years of my life'

kept on repeating.....

There is still a part in me

that 'thinks' I have to put someone else

before me.....

Do I take the time for this healing

or do I want it quick.....

In so many blogs I write about being patient with yourself.....


I realise, I am not always patient with me......

How patient are you with yourself?

How patient are you in your relationships?

How patient are you with your family?

How patient are you with the people around you,

the world?

Do you set boundaries when people hurt you?

Do you speak up in relationships and feel respected?

Are you grateful for your family? 

-this is were you can practise with skills

you need in society: a family is a small society ;-)-

Can you be grateful for them even if they have

different lives and/or different opinions?

Are you speak your truth in the world and do you feel heard?

Can you speak from respect and love,

Knowing we are all One, 

and the other is an other part of You?

With Uranus and Saturnus we also have

a Pluto/Venus energy.

Venus, the planet of relations, of money, 

loving yourself, is a 'soft' energy: it wants harmony.

Pluto is a more forceful energy,

it wants to clear everything that is not right.

If you don't go with the energy, it will come by force.

It can be 'war', 'cancer', violence, total transformation.

Christmas is a time you come together as a family,

so most likely you will feel this energy there,

if there are some unsolved issues.

Issues of not being seen,

not feeling good enough,

or family traditions that are outdated.

Can we deal with it with respect,

or are we still angry.....

Can we accept that we are all different

and still connected.

Will I be still coughing ;-)

 'I'll wish you love, peace and happiness,

I wish you healing and patience with yourself.

I wish you remember

 you are being loved

and can rest now....

You are enough..

just being YOU.

Have fun, enjoy life

and choose to be happy!'

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