Wednesday 1 December 2021

Are we open for miracles?

A poinsettia, a 'Kerstster'-'christmasstar'-

I kept this one from last year. 

I kept them before and.....

I always thought they couldn't get red leaves by it self,

that the leaves became red by artificial light.

Now I know different: 

they need 14 hours of darkness and 10 hours of light for 2 months

and then the red leaves appear.

How special: could it be that we need sometimes 

some more hours in the dark

to look inside 

so we can 'bloom' again as well?

December starts with Neptune going direct.

It went retrograde in June.

What happened in this period for you?

Did you heal or were you mislead?

Did you feel connected, or did you feel victimised?

Did you let go or did you develop an 'addiction'?

Could you trust of did you forget your inner power?

We were supposed to go to London,

to 'celebrate Sinterklaas'.

Just last week I got a phone call from our son:

'are you home this weekend'......

They had to go to Belgium but at the last minute

it was not possible: Belgium became 'red' .....

They had a flight to Dusseldorf, so they could come to us:

what a wonderful surprise!!

We would seen them two weekend in a row or.....

was something else going on?!?

We had a great weekend and.....

realised it was an even bigger gift 

when all of a sudden 

there were more restrictions

because of the omicron variant of the Corona virus.

We can not fly to London.

Can we go with the flow

and trust that what is happening around us

is what is needed,

is what we attract?

Are we open for miracles?


the last month of the year,

the last Uranus/Saturn square.....

Time to look back and evaluate.

In December 2016 I wrote about the 5 pillars in Dutch,

a way to look back and evaluate your life.

In December 2019 I did the same in English.

If you want to look back at 2021, 

it could be an idea

to read them again,

and answer the questions....

Body, Mind, Relations, Society and Finance:

you are as powerful as your weakest link.

If you raise the energy of the weakest pillar,

all the rest will raise as well.....

The 5 Pillars are a great way to look at your life

and show us, were more attention is needed.

It is also a tool to see what is preventing you 

to live a balanced life.

Also remember your 'broken pieces'.

They can prevent you from taking the steps

you need to take.

They can hide your power,

hide the feeling of courage that is in you.....


you are not the child you were before!

Now you are older and wiser,

and can set boundaries were needed...

A BOY CALLED CHRISTMAS Trailer (2021) - YouTube

I just saw the start of this movie and heard the sentence 

'he had broken pieces'....spoken by a child....

Great movie to watch.

I wish you all time to heal,

to deal with your sadness,

to feel you are part of the society we live in

and I wish you can slow down....

Slow down and be grateful

what is all in your life,

all around you and that

YOU are important.

YOU are important for the people around you,

for society.

Everyone is going trough 'stuff',

some has to do with the mind,

some physical,

others with relationships.

Some with job's, lack of work,

or work that doesn't feel good.

Give yourself the gift

of appreciation:

you are doing great,

even if you are not there

were you want to be ....yet....

Trust, respect, be open for miracles

and take one step at a time

to heal your broken pieces.

Forgive and be grateful.

I wish you all good health,

great friends,

a safe and secure family,

and the feeling that YOU

can be YOU and still belong.

I wish you can be grateful,

even if you feel it is challenging...

I wish you peace.

I wish you open for them.


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