Sunday 19 December 2021

Fear is old, freedom is new: what do we/I choose?

 'What is normal anyway?'

I believe there is not one 'normal',

I believe everyone has it's own unique 'normal'.

Just to be clear what my definition of Normal is:

Normal for me is,

living in peace and harmony,

enjoying life,

dealing with challenges as part of growing

and a state of wonder what will come next.

Also Knowing  that I have the capability and courage 

inside of me to deal with what comes.

As from today there are more restriction,

and we are in lockdown again

because of the omicron variant:

more contagious but also as it looks like,

less sickening.....

Do we need more time with ourselves

to deal with our own issues? 

Do we feel restricted or do we find ways

to deal with it and feel free?

A few days ago,

when I looked at my phone,

I saw 478 mails in my trash.

I look at my phone everyday,

but today I 'saw' this...

I remember Loes telling me, 

that I had to clear it out

and also 

that I hadn't used my swipe function in the right way....

Ok..... I decided to take time to do it.

When I started,

I also saw that I had lot's of mails in my Archive:

'I never put something there ?!?'

I apparently did was lots.....

When I started deleting, 

more and more old mails

come up took hours.....

Then I went to the trash and......

there it was the same:

more and more old mails

came up there as well?!?

While deleting the mails, 

I looked at what it showed me,

what was the mirror....

Could it me that I dealt with a lot of fears,

old pain and old habits 


that I archived them, put them in the trash,

without even realising it?

That I kept them still in my system,

because I forgot/didn't realise

I had to delete them totally....

Totally meaning to confirm this

at least 3 times....

Patience and...determination!

That evening I saw on the news that there 

will be a new plant for Facebook in Holland,

a plant/factory that stores data.

There was a interview about this:

'People keep everything, 

forget to clear mails, pictures 

and all this need to be stored.

Most of the data that is stored 

will never be used again,

and to store this takes a lot of energy'

So I am not the only one.....most people do this....

Are we all holding on to old, out dated energy

and are we not even realising it?

Also not realising it is not good to do,

if you want to reduce waste.....

What is needed to wake us up?

Is the corona virus enough,

or are we using it as a fog,

so we can stay in a victim energy....

We 'only' have to choose for ourselves

choose to be free and deal with our own fears.

If we choose to do so,

we will attract what makes us happy.

Most likely it is as with old data 

that you keep on your phone/computer:

if you realise it, 

you can clear it out very quickly!

We all did a lot of healing and growing

the last years and most likely

we 'just' have to confirm that

we delete it totally out of our system.

Most likely it is as with my phone:

in a few hours you delete years

of old outdated memory's :-)

And then there is soooo much space

for new, beautiful, exiting, adventurous

and peaceful memory's! 

If you look back at 2021

can you see, feel and experience

how far you have come?

Be proud of yourself

there is much more to come!

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