Thursday 28 July 2022

Be YOU: the world needs you.....

 Uranus and the Moons nodes are coming together,

and we will feel this energy the rest of the year.

Are we open to see the things as they are

or are we holding on to 'our way'......

Do we hold on

even if we are not happy 

and there is a lot of turmoil in our lives....

Do we prefer the old way

or are we open to let go

and go a new way...

The turmoil in our lives is Uranus 'talking to us':

-how is it with your integrity, your values?

-do you feel safe and secure?

-is there enough money and how do you use it?

-how are you dealing with nature and your environment?

We come from a place of hurt, misuse of power, fear

and feeling powerless and we found a way to deal with it:

mostly by putting walls around or feelings to survive.

By doing this we forgot our passion,

we forgot to be honest and fair to ourselves.

Now we have a choice, 

a choice to go from caterpillar to butterfly.....

realising this takes time, determination 

and also speaking up!

Most important: 

how patient are we with ourselves.....

as patient as the caterpillar to become a butterfly?

In Holland there were a lot of fires in animal barns,

long lines and lost luggage in airports.

Farmers who are angry and  putting lots of garbage

and burning hay on the highways.

Because of the war, 

energy prices go up 

and not all people have enough money to anticipate.

House prices go through the roof

and there is not enough labor in the building business.

Also not enough nurses,

teachers, and help in restaurants......

Uranus is calling: 

we are doing something 'wrong'.....

Did we forget what we want deep down,

did we do to much what other people expect from us?

Do we trust each other to be the best they can be,

or don't we even trust ourselves anymore....

As I mentioned in other blogs:

'we have to go over the bridge of Chiron to go to Uranus'

We HAVE to deal with our wound

if we want to go to the other side...

What do YOU want, were do YOU need to change.

Are you afraid to speak up for yourself?

Are you afraid if you do, 

you are not 'safe' anymore,

not loved anymore?!?

We have to realise we are not on the other side...yet.

We are on the bridge and have to deal with some 

old unsolved issues.... an immature Saturn,

Saturn in prison with an open door....

do we feel safe to walk out?

Saturn is the government, 

education, hospitals, police, parents.

There is a structure only:

are there to many rules,

rules that prevent people to think for them selves

and make changes when needed......

Do parents allow children to choose for themselves?

Do they trust them and are they allowed to grow

-meaning making 'mistakes'-

How is it with teachers?

Do parents trust them to do the best for there kids they realise a class is 'a group'....

Does the government trust the teachers

or do they need million rules....

rules that prevent them to look at the individual as well.....

You only can change if you don't have to proof yourself anymore...

you trust yourself, you do the best you can

and if you know better, you do better.

You can say sorry and can forgive.

You Know you ARE LOVE......

I understand and believe in rules 


I also believe in the responsibility of people!

Yes.....some are not responsible and honest,

and I strongly believe

that they will be hold accountable for their deeds:

that is just how energy works......

So lets start with ourselves!

Demonstrations are Uranus: a group comes together,

because there are old dated rules that need change.

A mature energy of Uranus.

If a group fights, burns stuff and hurt people,

then it is an immature energy...

If you are offended by that, realise

that you probably have some immature energy yourself....

Find out what it is:

where in your life are you not authentic? 

Instead of pointing at 'those people',

look inside yourself......

now is the time!

I had a lot of mirrors the last week

and I realised that I could let it be.

The structure of Saturn I kept,

without the guilt and shame of an immature Saturn.

Lots of unexpected events made live adventures,

sometimes challenging and fun.

There is still the mirror of my skin at my right knee:

what is going on.......

probably my soul want me to let go of

some old patterns 

that a part of me still wants to hold on to......

Wow: isn't live interesting

never a dull moment:-)

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