Friday 16 September 2022

Life is a school were you remember what your soul already knows....part 2


So....take your time,

it is YOUR way.....

not a competition.

In the last week, I lost my way two times and

it made me a bit insecure:

a city you don't know, no internet,

so I had to let go of control and trust.....

Both times I met nice men 

who not only helped me,

but traveled with me.

One -Charly- because he missed his plane,

the other -Will- because of a charity challenge:

walking 1000 miles raising money for diabetics.

'I walk with you, I need the miles 

and it is on my way'.

The first time Charly travelled with me

to the place were I met Bas-our son-

 and we traveled together to their home.

The second time there was another men

who helped me only.....he wasn't sure,

so half way I asked Will and 

he walked with me 

till I saw familiar surroundings:

we went our own way....

Asking for help is great AND

if you can do it yourself, 

it is good to DO it yourself.

I had great conversations with both men


realised that people like to help others,

you 'just' have to ask

I also realised that I still can blame my self

for not doing what I think I am 'supposed' to do:

an old pattern....

A few times I got a sign

within the hour.....

I did the right thing,

that I was reacting from an old/hurt place.

It was 'only' negative self talk/an immature habit.

Do you realise when you do this and.....

are you open for change?

 In the coming week

 a new soul will come to this earth.

He will be welcomed with open arms.

By his parents, sister, family and friends.

He will be loved and welcomed so much

and even though everyone want to make

his life as easy as possible:

he still will have his challenges.

His first one will be to move from

the comfort zone of his mom's belly.

He has to make his way to this earth,

-like we all did-

in a challenging way.

To be born/a new phase 

needs trust and patience...

It is good to remember 

that it is also an adventure

and your soul will help you!

How is it with you?

What step did you take lately?

Did you get mirrors lately,

to let go and step into a new adventure?


little steps bring you a long way

and.....there are lots of people

who like to help you on your way,

people like 'Charly and Will'

till you can go on by yourself.....

Knowing you are being loved.

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