Friday 23 September 2022


Sometimes you need to ask help if you are lost,

and people walk with you and guide you 

to the place you want to be.

Sometimes you think you are lost,

but you are much closer

and almost there were you want to be....

I had it today: there were familiar spots and....

I didn't trust myself to go on....

I 'forgot' I had a google map downloaded

on my phone from the area I needed to be.

When I looked at it, I was really close... 

How often do we give up after a path of struggles

because we don't believe in it anymore....

we give up.....

we don't trust we will get the result we desire...

Could it be that often we 'just' have to do 'the last steps'....

the last steps to show determination, patience,

trust and letting go of control....?

We are almost there.....

-at the weight we desire

-the job we really want

-the relationship that is fun and fulfilling

-the money for something you really want...

-the positive mindset.....

and then....

something happens and you are challenged,

the black and the white wolf,

control and trust,

forgetting that just before the light shines

 it gets really dark....

Make sure if you are in a place like this,

you ask for help.

It could be a person, a book, the cosmos

or in my case google maps....

After a session with clients,

most of the time they can contact we within days/weeks.

These weeks the time to help 

bring the energy in balance again.

They all can contact me after that time

and I check if something more is needed.

I do this, till there is balance.

They don't have to contact is their choice,

and it is ok if they do or not.

For me google map is a great help.

I don't need it al the time but...

it is nice I know it is there.

I saw this in a beautiful!

An old tree transformed in something new.


I walked toward it and....

saw this......

Could it be that is shows us 

that we are hiding behind our own power?

Forgetting that we are 'powerful beyond measure'?

Could it be a reminder that we are all 

personal/ as a society and the world

are in this process of transformation?

We are not there yet.....

but we are on our way:

sometimes a bit lost,

but determined to go were we want to go....

more and more trusting that our soul will know. 

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