Tuesday 20 September 2022

Life is a school where you learn to remember your self worth.

 I was triggered and.....

a deep emotion came up.

My first reaction was: 

accepting and supporting others....

'Just go on and find a way 

to make the situation harmonious again.'

And then:

'This isn't nice for you.....'

A small sentence 

someone said, that helped 

this deep emotion to come up again......

I recognized a situation from the past,

in the beginning of my relation

where I choose to hide my feeling

as if I was 'not worth it'.....

I didn't know I was choosing,

It was inner conscious,

an old, immature habit.....

When seeing the picture above,

I realised that this 

must be something deeper....

I must have wanted harmony 

as a child so desperately/so much

that I forgot myself.....

Most likely it worked for me 

so it became a habit,

a way to feel I belonged,

I was 'allowed to stay'....

Am I the only one in the family?


I realise I inherited it,

and most likely my parents did it as well.....

If I look at my siblings, my family

I recognize some of these patterns as well.

Some dealt with it,

some couldn't,

some choose to project.

All is ok,

the only thing for me is:

what am I doing with it....

Can I choose consciously to change....


Mental triggers,

Physical triggers,

Social triggers,

Money triggers,

Relationship triggers.....

They 'ask' you to look, to feel, to 

accept AND make a choice....

Do you choose to grow and heal

or stay in your comfort zone.....

You can walk away from people

and situations

-and sometimes that is the best thing to do-,


if you don't heal the part inside of you,

you will get new 'mirrors'.

The same kind of people/ the same situations 

will come back to you

'just' to help you to let go

and see your worth...

The Cosmos is patient.....

you get as many chances to change as needed.


Be patient with your self,

have fun,


and enjoy the path you are on.

Look at others

with respect,


and see them as another you.

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