Thursday 15 September 2022

Life is a school to remember what your soul already knows.....part 1

 And....staying were you are is feeling familiar:

'we know what we have and don't know what we get'...

People stay in routines that they know are not good for them:

-staying in bad relationships

-holding on to health routines that are not healthy

-staying in a job and wishing for retirement, weekend or holiday

-holding on to guild and shame and feeling a victim of situations/life

How come we do this?

Could it be that ones it was a way to survive,

and we still believe we only can survive 

if we keep the habits 

we started as a child....

forgetting that we are adults now....

In this time of Mercury retrograde 

with also other planets retrograde as well,

I hope you take time......

time to look back at your youth

with an vision of someone looking at you

from the outside.....

What would he/she tell you?

Was it a safe, relaxed, loving time?

Could you experience an adventures life


were your parents/caretakers to protective 

or not protective at all.......

Could you be yourself

or did you have to protect your mom, dad or siblings.....

It could be that you will say:

'it was ok, it was just how it was'....

Then ask that person outside of you,

looking at your situation:

what will he/she tell you?


are you open to listen......

Knowing it has nothing to do with your parents

-they did the best job they could at that moment....-

Was your life, your choice.....?

I am sure it was when you started this life,


how much energy did you pick up 

to 'survive',  to make sure you felt 'loved'.......

Are you living Your life now,

or is there still old energy.

Old energy that prevents you to live a life you choose....

a life of abundance....your/our birthright....

Are you open to look at the mirror as 'just mirrors',

something to help you 

to deal with unhealed parts in you?

I am in the UK now and it is interesting to see

what the effect is of the Queens passing.......

We are at the last face of  the Saturn/Uranus square:

you see tradition and you see the new King....

-will he be the new energy or just an in between energy....-

People go their own way and people are morning.

So many people are devastated,

showing their respect and waiting in long lines.....

I see patience, respect, feeling One,

and all different kind of people......

What is it mirroring me/you/us....

Can we go into this new energy with respect

and determination?

Do we Know deep down 

we are all connected and One?


do we need something emotional,

unexpected events to let us step out 

of our comfort zone or....

can we choose to go through them

when 'small' mirrors ask us to change.....

'Life is a school, where you learn to remember

what your soul already knows'


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