Tuesday 1 November 2022


 A sad feeling,

a body ache,

challenges with your spouse,

with your children,

in relationships.

Financial challenges,

challenges with your job,

a feeling of 'worthlessness'.......

All whispers.....

Eating to much or not enough,

moving to much or not at all,

wanting to be alone all the time,

or with others all the time....

All whispers.....

A bird that is visiting you,

a white feather on your path,

'two flowers for one',

a waiting list that 'all of a sudden' is gone,

a book/movie/article/documentary 

that gives you in inside you didn't know you needed....

All whispers...

The cosmos whispers to us all the time,

are we open to listen?

Are we open to receive?

Society whispered for a long time:

are we listening?

Nature whispered for a long time:

when are we listening?

It doesn't matter if 'we' start listening.....

'We' is 'easy'.....often used as 'them'....

forgetting that in the we, there is also the I.....

Do I hear the whispers?

Am I listening?

Do I live Knowing that 'we are all one',

or do I 'just' preach it.....

Do I listen to the whispers

or am I waiting for the screams........

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