Sunday 13 November 2022


How do you feel about 'whispers':

Do you feel 'calm' or do you feel 'anxious'? 

If you feel calm, 

you Know intuition is speaking.

If you feel 'anxious', 

most likely there are some old emotions talking.

Perhaps you are a person that focus more on the

'negative' whispers than on the 'positive' ones. 

because that was how you 

'survived' in the past, when you were a child....

A way to avoid certain situations....

It could be 

that you are used to look at what is not so good

and forgot to look at al the positive whispers...


you are an adult now and

can choose different if you want to.....

On one of my walks, I almost was hit by someone on a bike.

He: 'I just thought that normally no one walks here and perhaps

now there will be one!' 

-he sounded as if he blamed himself....-

I: 'Yes is good that you were not a little bit later

and I not a bit earlier!'

He: 'You are right and....perhaps this is good for something....'

-we had a nice chat and he moved on with a smile on his face-

A whisper....

Sometimes you are on the right spot because of a delay,

or avoiding something bad  because of it.....

Sometimes clients all of a sudden come in my mind

and sometimes I hear: 

'all of a sudden you came in my mind

and I like to have a session again'.

Sometimes from people long ago....


Our body, physical energy, 

is the slowest energy.

When it 'whispers',

most of the time there was already a social or mental whisper

we didn't hear.....couldn't/wouldn't listen to it.

If we choose to change

and listen to this social and/or mental whisper

our body doesn't need to whisper anymore

or starting to scream.....

We will start healing....

With the lunar eclipse old emotional issues will come up.

How are we going to deal with it?

Do we feel we have to erase something 

or correct it........

The energy will stay with us the coming months

so we get lot's of chances to change and let go and heal.

There is a tendency in society 

that we have to 'erase' situations from the past:

books about subjects, statues from the past, 

apologising for people long gone..

For me this is not a whisper, it is a scream.....

A scream from people with hurt feelings,

family/society karma......

Instead of erasing, 

I like to correct the thinking/situation.

Accept what happened AND 

showing by my action

that I change, that I know better now....

Forgive and be forgiven.

More and more I realise 

that it is much more challenging

to act on what you believe

 than to talk about it....

I talked to someone in a wheelchair:

'People talk louder to me, as if I can not hear,


most of the time people don't talk to me 

but to my wife!'

How do you act around:

people who smoke/not smoke?

People who drink/not drink?

People who are old/young?

People who work hard/don't do 'anything'?

People who are always positive/negative?

Can you accept them?

Can you accept them AND set boundaries

in a calm way or 

do you still keep walls 

and keep reacting in a judging way?

I know I am not always reacting from intuition...yet....

and....that is ok.....

I am still healing and growing....

Could it be that we need to learn

the difference between walls and boundaries

to hear the whispers...?

Could it be that we needed the walls as a child,

being vulnerable, 

not understanding the world we were born into...

Could it be that the world is whispering

to let the walls go......

that we are all One.....

The Film — Dead Sea Guardians (

A man from Israel, Palestine and Jordan,

doing this together......

A whisper .....

We are all One

and should work together....

A sign of the coming energy next year: 

Pluto in Aquarius...


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