Thursday 17 November 2022


 I got a great 'whisper':

A book everyone should read!

Do we listen to who we are deep down,

or we still listen 

to what we think we have to be......

The coming year I expect that we see how far we came

and also what we 'have left to do'....


Know you can ask for help

AND you will be needed by others for help....


 you are not the same person as you were in 2008,

realise you can be the person now, 

that can help someone else.

Be aware of your emotions,

be grateful when you are calm and can use your intuition,

be grateful when you don't feel guilt or shame.

Have compassion for people 

who still have to go trough these emotions.

Be grateful for the mirrors you get

from others and society.

Be grateful even if you are not as calm

as you want to be.

Have compassion with yourself.....

If you feel tired or overwhelmed:

listen to it's whisper....

Know we are 'All One',

no one is better than someone else,

we all have our own unique quality's.

Life is an adventure to find out what they are

and then to share this with the world.


a smile from a stranger,

someone who let you go first in line,

a flower that is still blooming,

a day when you feel less pain/less tired,

saying sorry because you 'forgot' something

and not feeling guilt or shame,


A whisper....and:

I believe the group is bigger.

You can help by making it even bigger:

Choose happiness

Live without limits, imagine the world you desire.

Act in spite of fear

Explore new things

Be exited

Take a step in confidence

KNow we are born to live in abundance.

Could it be that 2 % of society

is so loud to express what all is wrong,

that we, the rest 

sometimes forget that we are closer than we think we are....?

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