Monday 28 November 2022


When I read the book 'Untamed'

I recognized so much.

I saw the similarity with the energy we live in,

and also the blocks we have.....

We talk about girls being powerful,

living their lives, being independent

and.....finding boys/man often less powerful

if they show their emotions....

We see in society strong leaders

and leaders who still believe that you

need to put people down to be a leader.....


only unhealed leaders need this.....

Glennon Doyle, the writer of the book, 

had bulimia and was addicted.

She stopped using drugs and alcohol

when she found out she was pregnant.

When she went through her divorce

she fell in love with a woman: 

a shock for her and.....she followed her hart.

Till then I could understand her path:

taking responsibility, go for unconditional love

and live life.

Then I was challenged: 

she is using medicine

to make sure she lives a happy life.

'I need it to cope with society'.....

and it touched my believe system.....

In 1996 is was teaching at the American school

and was first confronted with children who 'needed Ritalin'.

My reaction:

'For me it is not ok! We should make sure that we teach in a way

that these children can learn and be themselves.

It cannot be that children need medicine because we,

as teachers cannot deal with it!

Now it looks like 'normal' that children 'need medicine'

to cope.......and for me every person should need to feel

safe and secure in society.....

If not.....society should change.....

Like we believe that love is love,

that all people should belong and accepted.

Pluto in Aquarius

Everyone belongs,

respect for everyone.....

What does my reaction/feeling on using medicine

 say about me....

Can I disagree about using certain medicine

and still respect the person who is using it?

Can I feel that addiction to drugs and alcohol

is for me as an addiction to medicine?

For me, 

medicine should be used to help your body stay healthy

if you cannot do it yourself.......yet.....

Do I feel guild or shame or 

do I judge people who need this?!?

How about me?

I wouldn't be alive 

if doctors were not there with the birth of our children.....

I wouldn't be alive

if I didn't had an operation for cancer......

Is that different than using medicine?!?

Perhaps it is that I don't agree 

if you need to use it

to 'survive' in society.

That you are not accepted because you

look different/think different/behave different....

I believe we should be respected as we are.

I believe that everyone deep down want to be respected

and wants to respect and.....

if we don't....

we are wounded.....

If we need help 

to heal this wounded part,

than it is great we can use medicine/doctors etc.

But if the help we get,

keep us addicted than I am not sure 

this wounded part will be healed.....

Let's choose to stay 'untamed'

I see it in the world cup in Doha:

lot of old issues come up and revealed....

I see it in power issues in the media world in Holland:

powerful people are revealed as wounded leaders....

I see it in the protest in China

We already feel the energy of Pluto in Aquarius

Sometimes I choose to sit with me....

so light can shine in me

and light up my shadows.

Is there still a traumatized part inside of me

that wants to be healed.....

Is there a traumatized part in society

that needs to be healed........

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