Monday 7 September 2020

A spiderweb...


When I looked outside I saw a spiderweb

....a sign of autumn.

Also a sign of the times we are in....

Some people feel trapped

and can not trust anymore,

other people accept

and keep on building there own life.

Some can set boundaries,

other feel they are 'being eaten alive'.....

Is there one truth or are there different one's.

Does THE truth exist.....

I think THE truth is never the same...

I think love and respect could be A truth...

If you can love and respect everyone,

and trust that everyone does the best it can do...

you feel at peace.

If you love and respect yourself,

you set healthy boundaries

and instead of being angry at someone else,

you take action to re-build your own 'web'/life.

A spider build it's own web,

not someone else's.

It build its web and  trust

that the universe will bring food.

When someone breaks the web,

it doesn't get angry....

it 'just' rebuilds it.

Do we build our own 'web',

or do we listen to 'the web'

and forget to listen to our heart

and feel what is right.

We can get lots of information on the web,

but no Knowledge 

and only Knowledge will bring us wisdom...

A spider woman eats its male after conception....

How are we with setting boundaries?

Can you let people go

because they are not good for you

even though you love them you 'let them eat you?'

You see at the picture that there is lot's of light:

the picture was taken outside....

From the inside I could see the spiderweb much more clearly.

Isn't that with life as well?

With all the things that are going on in the outside world,

we sometimes can not see what is going on inside of us...

Mirrors are not always clear....

This month will help us to go inside

with Mars going retrograde on Sept 10,

we will re-visit, re-charge, re- do what we 

did from July:

did we take charge,

did we set boundaries,

did we take action that was needed

or were we 'fighting against' something...

We can make different choices.....

As from Sept 13 Jupiter 

the planet of healing, 

growing consciousness,


will go forward again


Mercury will go in it's shadow the same day...

Can we go forward in a way that is good for us

and the people around us/ society?

Do we realise we are as strong as 'the weakest link'?

A month later Mercury will go retrograde

and we can re -do, re-visit if needed.....

Can we see both sites or do we

'eat' the other, or let us be eaten....

like the spider.....

Mercury will go into Scorpio, the end of the month

and most likely will touch deep emotions,

deep passion and will help you heal deep wounds....

The spiderweb.....

what a great sign of trust,

of living your own life


following your own truth

and set healthy boundaries.

Let's be amazed this month

and be a bit more like the spider ;-)


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