Thursday 24 September 2020

What do we really know.........


We went a few days to Scheveningen,

to celebrate the beginning of my new year.

The weather was beautiful and after breakfast

I went outside to find a spot in the sun.

When I looked inside, I saw Jaap trough the mirror....

I realised that this picture 

is also an image of

how the world is at the moment:

we often see each other,

but don't 'hear' each other....

It is as if there is a wall between us,

a wall we don't see....

We have 'our truth' and are not open 

for 'the truth' of someone else. 

I saw the documentary 'the social dilemma'

and was shocked....

At the moment a lot of people go to social media
to find answers, to get informed,
especially about the Corona virus.

How do you know 
that what you read is right?
Especially if you have tunnel vision.....
and only read 'one side'......

Education should teach children/people to think,
to investigate,
read books and ask critical questions.

Now I see a lot of fear and anger,
not dealt inside, 
but projecting in the outside world.
As if we look in the mirror
and want an other image
by doing nothing ourselves...

The energy of the year 2020 is one of transformation,
letting go of patterns and habits that are outdated,
following rules and regulations that are not ok.

How about following 'groups' on social media
who 'just' want to feed your fear,
and forget about that we are all One,
one society?
Is it easier to do that,
than to deal with your own fear and anger?
It seems so.....

Let's choose to be responsible,
let's choose to look inside,
look at the mirrors close to you,
and feel at peace with yourself first.

On my birthday a special woman left this world,
she was 94.
She choose to be happy till the last day.
If you look at her live,
and look at all the challenges she had
you can decide that she had a tough life.....
She didn't.....
she always had a smile on her face:
she looked at what she could do,
instead of what she couldn't do.
Was she only 'the sweet little lady'?
She had her opinions
respected others.
-you could tell on her face how she thought about it ;-)-

She took responsibility,
saw the challenges as stepping stones,
and....loved life!

Let's choose to increase the dose,
more love....
Love is free and it grows by giving,
first to ourselves,
so we have more to give to others.

In the documentary there was a quote:
'If something is free on social media or the internet,
then that is not the product, 
the product is YOU'.... 

How many of us realise that we are becoming a product,
we are being used...
Do you check facts
or only from one source....

Do you still read books:
if they are to expensive,
you can go to a library.

How is this in relationships?
If you choose to be in a relationship,
then the only way to do it,
it realising that you are mirroring each other.

You will be challenged,
'just' so you can be the best you can be.
It will not always be easy,
but it is worth it.
You will grow,
raise your consciousness,
let go of old patterns 
and not only do you see each other,
you will 'hear' each other.

Most likely you have to deal with 'false truths'
in the relationship and
you choose what to do with it....
Do you listen to your inner guide,
or 'what other people think' ...

The 'like button' was make 
to make people feel good about themselves,
now it is making young people insecure:
'I don't have enough likes so......I don't belong/am not good enough'

Do we have to leave social media,
or do we have to have regulations.
Do we have to leave a relationship,
or do we have to set boundaries.

Social media is still so new,
we don't know how to deal with it.
Wouldn't it be great if schools teach it?
That teachers are educated how to deal with it?

Should there be regulations about age?
Could it be a chance for schools
to teach self worth, self respect and
talk about insecurities and 
about growing as a human being?

For the woman of 94,
social media was great:
she watch video's of her great grand children,
got messages from her grand children
and pictures from holiday's.
She could talk to her sister in Australia.

She only used what she needed,
what do we use?
Are we addicted?
Are we 'lazy' to think for ourselves?
I am not sure.....

The only thing I know it that we are all ONE,
and I choose to treat the people on my path,
the way I like to be treated.
I choose to be the best I can be
respect myself.

I have the courage to walk away
from people,
not because I don't love them,
just because I love myself first.
This courage is growing ;-)

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