Tuesday 9 March 2021

Fences and bridges.....

 While walking I see lot's of fences.

Some I like and some I don't like,

but they all do what they are made for.

What are they made for?!?

Are they made 

to make sure that cattle is kept save

or are they made to take away their freedom....?

It depend on which side you are on

and how you see it...

For a farmer 

it can be a way to protect it's cattle from harm,

protection from the dangers outside.

He makes sure there is a nice meadow 

with enough grass for them to eat, 

enough space 

so they will live a good life.

The farmer in return, 

gets milk,

new cattle and meat.

For the cow

it can be a safe environment,

she doesn't have to look for food,

she has company of other cows

and she has enough space to walk around.

Most of the time there are also trees 

to shield her from the sun or the rain.

It is also restricted......

she can not walk by herself to another meadow

to 'meet' other cows or animals.

It sees other animals, like birds, 

flying away and coming to visit.

Does she wants this to,

or doesn't she....

Did she forget what she wanted 

or is she happy and 

does she accept her 'comfort zone'......

Fences are like boundaries,

they are there 

for a reason


it should be good for both party's

for it to work....

I am glad we have a rule of driving on the right side of the road,

and I am sure that English people think it is a silly rule.

But these rules are both good if used in the right country....

I am glad that I am not in charge of a building site.

I am glad others will make sure that they follow the rules

so I can live in a save house....my comfort zone....

It gives me freedom to live my life without worry

of a roof falling on me....

Fences are important,

so are bridges....

This is an old bridge,

still ok, 

but it needs some work

if it wants to stay save 

for people to cross over

It is as with different opinions:

we have to visit each other,

use bridges if we want to connect.

Rules should be good for both party's,

and if they are 

there is respect:

you can come to them,

and they can come to you....

Bridges and fences are needed

to live together in a society.

We all are different And are the same:

with respect for boundaries

and respect for freedom

we all can live a life we love

and make up a family, group or society.

Media tells us what and how to think,

government people in an election 

tell you what you need to hear.

Will they set boundaries to protect you

even though it is not what you like to hear

or will they let you believe boundaries are not needed

and hope that by saying what you want to hear

they will be elected?

It is challenging in these times:

which rules are needed and which are not.

Which are outdated and which are needed

to protect our freedom?

Most important: 

choose from trust instead of fear.

Look in your own life,

do you take responsibility

or do you want others to do it for you.

Are you using fences and bridges

or are you blocking and fighting against....

What are your actions?

Or did you stop looking inside:

believing that someone else knows better....

did you 'forgot' that we get help to change....

If we had to do it all by ourselves, it is 

'as a needle to the prick of its own point'

I agree.....however....

we get our mirrors.

Mirrors from our body,

from loved ones,

from family and people around us,

from our work/society we live in,

from our ability to attract abundance,

from our emotions.....

I believe we are a period of change.

Instead of 

fences or bridges,

Saturn or Uranus,

I or we,

we go to

fences AND bridges,

Saturn AND Uranus,

I AND we.

Do we really want to be the change in the world we like to see....

and realise that traveling into this new world has it challenges,

or do we want to see the change in the world 

without any effort of ourselves.....

It is like cows living without a fence 

complaining that no one brings them food....

It is as a farmer complaining his cows are not giving milk 

but he is not feeding them...

Fences and bridges....

Luckily we have a choice to raise our consciousness.

Unfortunately we don't have to, if we are not ready.

Fortunately we get all the time and all the mirrors we need

till we get it right.....

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