Monday 8 March 2021

'New Amsterdam'.....part 2

When you go through tough situations in your life,

you need time to grief.

The medical director from New Amsterdam had to grief as well.

He grieved and was running a hospital.

A lot of people were worried about him

and told him 'to grief'.....

However he kept on working.....

Not every one griefs in the same way.....

everyone has to take his or her time,

his or her own time to grieve...

We are all in a time of grieving,

a time of letting go.

Each one in its own way.

How patient are you with yourself?

Most of us could see 

that changes were needed in the world.

The only thing was 

that we wanted it OUR way.....

Lot's of people made life-cycle plans, mood boards,

and imagined a world they thought was best.

Their imagination worked:

energy that was blocking their/our wishes

needed to go.....

like in New Amsterdam......

Max, the medical director had a vision,

and made chances,

these changes put on the candle of others,

so more changes came



mall practice came up,

mis-use of money,

mis-use of power


also unhealed issues in themselves...

If we want to change 

corporate, leaders and managers,

as Max is doing in the hospital,

we also have to realise

that we will have to deal with 

change in ourselves as well.

Like Max has to grief accept and trust,

we have to grieve, accept and trust.

Accept that grieving takes time....

takes all the time it needs.

Time to let go of what was

and the thought of how it should/could be 

and start trust life again....

How safe is our environment?

Can you say what you want and are you being heard

or are you being punished for it.....

Are people to be hold accountable,

are you holding yourself accountable...

You already see it is society:

the old President of France, Sarcozy 

got a jail sentence,

Harry and Megon stepped out of the Royal Family,

letting go of money, gaining rest and love.

In Holland the government blamed parents of fraud,

but this was not the case and they are holding accountable.

How is it in your life?

Are you being heard?

Do you listen to others and do you hear them?

Where do you need healing

so you can live your life fully?

Do you take responsibility?

Can we 

in the times we are in now,

give each other time to grief,

to let go of what was or 

what we thought would be....

I realised I got a feeling that I had

a long time ago 

when we came to Holland in the Summer

after a year of living in  Saudi Arabia.

I loved it there:

I did the things I could

and accepted the things I couldn't do.

After 8 years something changed.

When I was in Holland:

I wanted to wear short skirts and loved

to go to little cafe's and restaurants.

How come I had this 'all of a sudden'......

I realised that deep down I missed 'freedom',

freedom to choose.....

A few years ago we went back to Saudi

and now it was different....

When Loes visited and we went shopping,

we realised that wearing

a long black dress with embroidery was nice

and......easy: it gave us a lot of freedom.

I realised then, 

that I felt more free inside 

than I did before...

How come I got the same feeling again?
Probably deep down I have some healing to do,
healing that has to do with
with Uranus/Saturn.....

'New Amsterdam'.....

a new world with rules and with freedom.

With these new rules and freedom

old rules and lack of freedom in people 

are touched.

Being good and doing good for all people around you, 

doesn't mean you feel good about yourself

and....that needs to be healed as well.....

Do we need control,

do we need to be in charge

or can we trust

and Know our power,

own our mirrors.

While on a path of healing

we can keep on sharing 

our unique gift to the world,

because we all have this....

even if you don't feel it ....yet....

Take all the time you need to grief and to heal,

be patient.

Lets keep on imaging a world of 

love, freedom, 

happiness and respect for each other.

Lets accept that we don't know how 

the path is for the world,


we can choose OUR path,

making sure 

that our candle is burning,

is spreading light....

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