Wednesday 10 March 2021

Fences and bridges.....part 2


fences and bridges,

boundaries and freedom.....

It is so easy to talk about government,

big company's, institutions 

and point out what's all wrong,

and what should be changed.....

It is not so easy if you talk about smaller institutions,

like family's are,

then it becomes personal,

we talk about 'roots'....

Yesterday I saw the interview of Harry and Megan.

I realised that they are mirroring a lot of family's in the world,

most likely all family's....

In family's there are lots of

unspoken rules and regulations

that everybody follows because

'that is what you do or you don't belong'......

For Megan it was strange when Harry asked 

her 'you know how to do a curtesy?'

when meeting his grandma.

For him it was 'just a rule you had to follow'.

Her reaction: 'For your grandma?!?',

because in her family you wouldn't do this.

Harry talks about 'being in a prison',

if he describes his brother and father.

'How come you didn't see that before?!?"


He was quiet.....

'I didn't realise it, it was just the way we lived'...

Megan knew about the rules in the royal family,

however 'knowing' about them

is different than living by them.... 

When she started feeling depressed,

it took time for her to open up,

even to Harry and even then

they could not get the help they needed.....

When they choose for themselves,

they lost protection....

'Luckily I had my mom's heritage'

How is it in your family?

Are there rules and regulations as well?

Unspoken and undocumented but very real 

and if you don't follow them.....

you are 'out'.....?

Where/Are all people welcome in your family?

Do they need to have the same religion,

the same 'social' standard,

the same education level?

Are people welcome

with different idea's about sexual preference,

about unions,

about abortion

about politics.....?

This is all Saturn,

an immature Saturn.

You need rules and morals as a child

to learn how to live in this world.

You get them from your parents, 

your family, the church, 

and the society/country you live in.

They learn you to be patient, to work hard,

so you can grow up to be a independent

and responsible member of society...

When you are an adult -around 28 years of age-

you should have changed this immature Saturn

into a mature one.

Meaning that you keep the rules and regulations

that are good for you 

and you let go the rules and regulations

that are not anymore.

You have formed a consciousness 

and are responsible for yourself.

You are older and wiser and realise

that some of the rules and regulations

are outdated and need to change.

Uranus is helping you to break free

in a responsible way.

Harry did this.....

He realised early on that it was not always easy

to be himself in his world.

Mom and dad had different rules did something that 

'wasn't done': she choose for herself.

The family didn't like that and....

there were no bridges.....

You also saw in Harry's life

 this Uranus energy:

he wanted to break free,

and he rebelled 

instead of making changes....

As he said in the interview: 

'I didn't realise the prison I was in'.....

- most likely he felt deep down,

that if he would choose for himself,

the same thing could happen 

as what happened with his mom...-

Isn't that what we see in the world?

People are in a prison and don't realise they are in one.

And I don't mean the prison of corona rules....

Do we see in what prison we are in?

Are we afraid what would happen if we choose

for our selves and be free?

Do we still believe that the only way is

or/or instead of and/and,

do we forget next to fences there are bridges aswell?

When he met Megan,

something changed......


Old patterns came up 

but being in the royal family seemed workable.


in these times with Saturn/Uranus it is as if

we can not hide anymore,

if something is not ok, it needs to change.

How far do you go to stay in your 'prison'....

do you stay for security, enough money

even if it means you are not happy,

or do you go for freedom,

using your own boundaries

to be in balance and be happy?

How afraid are you 

and how comfortable is your comfort zone?

Harry and Megon show not only fences 

but also bridges....

'I want to work on my relation with my dad....'

'We still want to be there if they need us....'

'I deeply respect my grandma...'

Fences AND bridges

Saturn AND Uranus......

How come people are so emotional about it all....

Is it because they show us a mirror?

Are we afraid of choosing because

deep down there is still hurt from 

a choice we had to make in the past/as a child?

Do we 'think' we don't have the courage in ourselves to 

choose for us AND be happy?

Do we 'think' it is easier for them than for us?

Do we already have a mature Saturn or ....not yet....

Harry and Megan show us,

that they are just the same as us....

That they have to deal with depression 

if they don't live the life 

they were supposed to live....

That it takes time to step out of our comfort zone,

that 'feeling safe' is so important for us all

and it takes a price....

They show us how strong the energy

of unconditional love is.

Do you recognize it in your life,

in your family?

Did you choose for you and did you have to pay a price?

Could you deal with it, or did you go back.....

was it worth it?

Did you experience unconditional love.....

Freedom comes with a price,

and if you look at Megan and Harry

it is a price you want to pay.....

You need to be patient 

and take time to take care of yourself

and then......

start building bridges

with respect to people 'on the other side'

as they respect you....

For me they cleared a family karma:

what a big gift for all of his family members

and most of all for their son and daughter.

It will most likely chance something in Britain as well...

What will we do?

Do we choose to look at our family patterns?

Do we choose to go from rebel to freedom?

Do we choose to build bridges after we build fences,

or do we stop at building fences?

Do we still believe the crisis we are in

is about the coronavirus,

so we don't have to deal with our fear.

Do we still believe it is about elections

so we don't have to deal with our responsibility.

Do we still want the best outcome

but don't we have the patience to go the way.


do we believe and trust

that all will be as it should be....

We only have to find our own boundaries

and Know we deserve everything that is good for us,

realising we are

'powerful beyond measure'


we are all One...

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