Monday 1 March 2021

'New Amsterdam'.....


I started watching 'New Amsterdam',

a story about a hospital in New York

with a new medical director.

It looks like the story of the world right now:

we need a new director.....

someone who put the 'patients' first,

someone who chooses to live his passion,

even if he has to 'change the rules'.

All for the best of 'society'/the hospital.

Lead by example.

He changes the rules and

people in charge also find their passion again.

They are confronted with their own past

and get the opportunity to heal....

Is it easy? is challenging,

especially because this medical director

needs healing too......

He needs healing AND follows his passion....

How is it with you?

Are you following your passion

while keep on healing yourself?

Do you realise how important YOU are

for the whole of society?

If New Amsterdam

and realise that your courage

will help others......

Your courage....not your emotions,

your passion.....not your anger,

your love.....not your pain

will make the change......

Let's meet this person inside of us,

that we do not know yet....

Barack Obama had challenges with his

defence team when he became president: 

they leaked to the press

so the public could 'help them' to get 

what they wanted......

He asked the leaders in and reminded them

to talk to him......

His job was to look at the whole picture

so he could make a decision

that was good for the country and

for all of them in the long run.....

they stopped 'leaking to the press'...

Those people realised 

they didn't know the big picture


that their president would listen careful

to their opinions 

AND would take them very serious

when taking a decision.....

Can we trust our leaders?

If not.....what does this say about us.....

do we trust ourselves.......

Do we go in the pain 

or are we still running away from it....

The medical director in New Amsterdam,

wants to run away and.....has a passion.

His passion is connected with a situation in his life,

a situation he doesn't want to deal with....

How addicted are we?

Addicted to work,

addicted to helping,

addicted to smoking,

addicting to sweets,

addicted to sports,

addicted to a special diet,

addicting to complaining,


addicted to escape reality.....

What is the reality right now?

As I see it,

the reality shows us 

we are in a 'chaordic' time period:

in a chaos to restore a new order.

We all want to enjoy life,

we want to feel save and secure,

we also like to stay in our comfort zone


this zone is not the best for us anymore,

not for us personally and not for us as society.

If it was, 

we would have another reality

and less challenges....

The air quality is better because there is less flying.

People appreciate nature: they walk and bike

and see what they forgot to see...

Parents get more time with their kids and

older people are more appreciated

now we can not visit them so often.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, 

get more respect and are challenged as well:

are there aspect in their job descriptions that are outdated,

that needs to be different?

Are we 'in prison' as some people say,

or don't we know how to deal with our freedom......

Don't we realise that freedom 

only can be freedom if there are

boundaries as well....

Do we still believe

all we see and read,

believing we have to be 

as 'they' say we have to be,

to be happy?

Are we really that free?

Could it be that social media/media

is not free because there are no boundaries?

That it is becoming a self made prison

till we set boundaries.

I believe lot's of people can take their responsibility,

like sitting out at a restaurant with distancing.

I believe that people who own a restaurant

want to do what is responsible

and have people have a good time.

I also believe some will not and.....

that will be a small group,

they should be holding accountable...

I also believe I don't know the big picture,

and the best I can do is being the best I can be....

Let's remember 

how important our immune system is,

let's regulate social media,

let's sponsor healthy food instead of junk food.

Let's talk about responsibility,

responsibility to live a healthy live,

with enough time to rest,

to enjoy time with loved ones

and time to live your passion

or find out what our passion is.

give yourself time...
You don't always know
which parts in you need healing....

Luckily we are each others mirrors ;-)

My 'dead' bulb flowered and is now dying again....

it's circle is round.....

it is time for us to go to the good times again,

starting with opening of the contact professions next week,

and I hope soon the sports clubs and restaurants again.

And while waiting we have time to look inside.....

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