Wednesday 17 March 2021

Solar panels....

 Can you relate?

I had a day when I had this feeling....

My energy was low

and I had to make a conscious decision

to step out of this.....

I went out for a walk...

It was raining,

there was mud

and there were a lot of people contacting me

who felt the same: 'in the mud'....

I walked and realised that

I wished for the Sun to come out,

the temperature to be higher,

the sauna's, restaurants and the terraces 

to be open......

I wished 

instead of accepting....

I stayed with the feeling

and realised a control issue was coming up.

I was not in 'the now'....

A control issue:

not accepting the way it is,

not dealing with old issues,

pain and hurt...

Not because you don't want it

but because the defence mechanism 

you developed in the past,

was more profitable for you as protection....

More profitable for a younger version of you,

a version you aren't anymore,

only are not ready to let go.....yet....

even though you are older and wiser now....

This part made sure you felt you could survive,

that people loved you:

why should you let it go?

 Do you recognise this 'control issue'?

Where is it in your life?

Do you realise it is something old,

something you don't need anymore?

Something that is blocking you

to live the life you want to live?

It is something that comes up,

so you can deal with the Saturn/Uranus

in your own life and bring it in balance again?

Was it really about the sun, the sauna and the restaurants

or was this just my projection.....

It turned out it was my projection.....

My control issue has to do with people:

clients, friends, family...

I like all of them to be 

'happy, healthy and in peace'.

I don't think that is such a bad thing

if it wasn't for feeling responsible

for those who are not feeling like this.... if it is my duty and responsibility

to make them feel good again.....

forgetting that 'the only thing'

I have to do, 

is helping others

to feel and recover their own strength,

while developing my own strength and power.....

So what is my poison?

My poison is a poison that lot's of woman

and health professionals have:

putting yourself second......

In the last part of New Amsterdam

we see a new doctor who's theme

is 'self love'.......

Self love, so you have enough energy

to be the best you can be 

so you can give the most you can give.....

What do you do for self-love?

Do you think you're worth it?

Do you set boundaries, fences

and build bridges.

Do you know why you can not accept 

the world as it is now,

why you want to be in control?

-....and then I didn't have electricity and no internet.....

We choose for Solar panels,

and not everything was ready electricity wise:

'old stuff' had to go out, 'new stuff' had to go in

and....that takes time....

To use the free energy of the Sun

you 'only' need an converter.

I realised that it is as our life:

our Star sign, our Sun sign

shows our inner power,

the way we are supposed to shine. 

While living, 

we develop 'clouds' before the sun

and we temporarily forget to shine

till we become conscious again 

and remember that we are love,

that we are powerful....)

In Holland there were two kinds of demonstrations last weekend:

one against the corona rules and one for climate control.

One was peaceful and loud, the other one violent and loud....

Do you feel 

you have to defend yourself? 

Are you explaining your actions

as if you have to proof yourself,

or can you 

'just Be'...


that you are just like the Sun,

powerful and love,

born to shine,

each in it's own way.

Could it be that we forgot,

forgot because society/people let us believe

early on in our life,

that we were not good just the way we are.....-Saturn-

Let's choose to shine,

let's choose for others to shine,

let's look and deal with our projections, our clouds,

so we all can feel our power again,

our strength, our love.

Perhaps we need to find 'our own converter' first

before we can transfer, make the change,

and give.

It took our Solar panels a day,

with some help of professional,

and as from tomorrow they can give back..

Did your find yours yet

and/or do you need help?

Ask and look around,

accept the signs

and choose happiness.

-You can choose to read this out the I form
and......realise how powerful you are...-

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