Monday 17 October 2022

Cell memory.....

 I re-read an article I shared on Facebook in 2018.

2018, the year Uranus started in Taurus 

and Pluto started the end of his journey through Capricorn

This article talks about the cell biologist Bruce Lipton.

He claims and showed that 95% of challenges in life

are because of stored believes and feelings in our cells.

Believes, habits and feelings....

most of the time not our own....

It makes us tired.....

and sometimes ill....

'We will let go more in the coming 10 years 

then we did in the last 300.....'

Uranus 'wants' to be free and unique,

'wants' to be part of society,

it wants inclusion not exclusion.

It 'Knows' that everyone has an unique quality,

a quality we All need if we want a free society.

In 2018 it started in Taurus:

how safe and secure are we all?

Do we love ourselves unconditional?

Do we trust or do we control?

In 2020 we got a test: Saturn squared Uranus

and now it is the last time we are being 'tested'.

Not tested as being punished,

tested of how far we came and.....

if we need more tests we will get them,

and we will pass :-)

And in this time 'Niek' is born. 

His name meaning: Victory with/from the people.....

All the children born from 2020 till this year,

brought this energy with them.....


They will help us to go over the rainbow bridge of Chiron:

dealing with our wound so we can be unique and free.

If I look at this picture, I can relate.....

What will we do as society?

Are we taking our responsibility and clearing our old and outdated cell memory

or do we want to hold on to it:

let the younger generation inherit it.....

feeling that being in control is easier than to trust....

that love is conditional....

It is autumn: nature is showing us that letting go is part of life

challenging and beautiful.....

The coloured leaves, the fruits, the sunny days in the forest.


the dark rainy days, days were you can feel 'depressed'....

days were you can light a candle, hide under a blanket,

start thinking about Christmas or about all the things that are not ok.....

It is the time of the year to let go.....

Let go and choose....

Choose to make space for new,

choose to remembering the good, 

forgiving when needed

and be patient....

Even if you don't know what will come: trust.....

Like nature will make sure there will be new leaves,

it will make sure there is something new coming for you....

Letting go of old cell memory's is necessary,

necessary so there is space for new...

What did you do since 2018?

Did you let go, or did you get 'help',

or both....

Did you 

-drink extra water,

-went in nature,

-did what you loved to do: dance, write, sing etc.

-set boundaries and let people go

-choose positive energy in reading, watching, social media, people

-did you install an 'anti virus program' in you and are you using it

 or do you need to do this in the coming weeks?

We, as society, got 'help':

-corona came to help us to let go, 

 to realise that we are All society.

-a blast in Lebanon, a war in Ukraine,

 governments that forgot why they were chosen....

-people died, people got sick, and new children were born

 sometime still.....

Can you silence your mind?

Sometimes I can't.....luckily I recognise it.

I realise I picked up so much when I was a child,

that for me it was 'normal' to have this 'busy' mind.

It was not a very friendly mind,

it was a mind that 'helped' me to survive.

It was also a mind that made sure I could help a lot of people,

and by healing and growing myself,

recognizing this in others.....

So this challenge of my mind is also my talent now.....

It became my talent because of letting go old habits and feelings

and starting new ones....

Letting go of conditional love and opening up for unconditional love.

The most challenging part: setting boundaries,

letting go of people, install an anti-virus program.....

The most challenging part is feeling what is going on

AND to Be.......

Next year Pluto will go into Aquarius for a few months 

and in 2024 it will stay there.

In 2025 Uranus will have his last year in Taurus....

The coming years there will be a lot of changes.

What do you feel: 

Fear or excitement,

control or trust.

KNOW that because you are here,  

you have everything inside you to deal with whatever comes:

energy doesn't make a mistake!

Life is an adventure!

Let's choose to raise on love.

Let's choose to be patient with ourselves when letting go

of old cell memory's and also be patient with each other.

Let's decide to let it stop with us,

that the new generation 

can build a society of love trust and peace.

And we.....we can show them now how it is done

by enjoying, relaxing and having fun

even though there are some challenges ;-)

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