Friday 7 October 2022

From a fixed mindset to growth and benefit one....

 What is your mindset?

Do you believe it should be or/or or and/and.....

Do you judge yourself or are you receiving,

realising your mindset is

AND growth AND.... 

still 'fixed' sometimes....

For me it is always important

to go back to the 5 pillars:


Where in my life do I still believe that

it is as it is AND....that no change is possible....

Where in my life do I have to accept

that it is as it is because some situations can not be changed:

like being a professional ballet dancer and not a flexible body.....

Where in my life do I want something,

only don't want to do what is needed to be there:

like extra study, saving and waiting,

instead of wanting instant gratification....

-the same for body, relationships, society and finances...-


YOUR inner child is calling you,,,,

are you listening,

are you responding or reacting.....?

The last time we have this Saturn/Uranus square,

Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus.

In 1999/2000 there was also a square with these two,

but in the opposite signs....

What did you do then?

Did you know it was the year, Putin got in power?

He used Saturn as 'the father who knows best,

as if the people had no power themselves......

as if they were not mature enough......

What did YOU do then?

Could you be yourself,

did you let go of old patterns

or did you start  a new 'jail'.....

You can choose to get out now....


are you determent, patient and committed enough


does a part of you, the unhealed inner child

choose for instant gratification.....

For me there was a big change the last weeks.

I realised that I was to hard on myself,

an old fixed mindset that 'thought':

' I have to 'do' more instead of 'just be'....

I realise now that I can trust: 

do what is needed,

when it is needed.

I am sure some of you who know me will think:

'but she does already doesn't she?!?'

I did....only not 100%...yet ;-)

I realised I didn't......

and....most likely I was 'almost there'

because now I can choose for myself

AND be there for others,

even if others choose something else.

I can let people be,

trust more and also can let go.

Some people said: 

'you must miss your granddaughter so much

if you are back in Holland'

and.....part of me felt 'should I?!?' 

and another part 'I don't think I do, that wrong?!?'

Does this mean I love her less?!?

-How can you not love a child like her :-))!!-

I realise I can accept what is....

Enjoy the time together AND have the time for me.

Our son and bonus daughter have there own life

and should......

so even if I am there, I shouldn't always be with them....

They are adults now 

and I am still their mother a different way...

Deep down I Know it is good....

just the way it is...

Accepting what is and enjoying what is.


Knowing we are all one,

and we get what we need:

not as punishment, only as a change to heal....

I read somewhere that a woman was asked 

when the time of Aquarius would start:

'When we are all ready and learn to live like that'


-living an authentic life,

-taking responsibility for our own thinking and doing,

-letting go of responsibility's from others

-doing things that inspires you and gives you joy.

We can ask:

how far is society?

Only I think it is more important to ask:

how far am I.....

Can I move from a fixed mindset

to an growth and benefit one.....

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