Sunday 30 October 2022

Lunar eclips.

Eclipse are a about Moon nodes 
connecting with the Sun and Moon. 

Moon nodes tell us something \
about 'our path' on this earth, our soul purpose.
It shows our old habits/talents/comfort zones
and what we 'need to ' learn or re-learn:
new paths, courage and finding balance.

Nodes are about your purpose in life
and karma.
So we are supposed to let go of karma,
and 'climb' the mountain towards our purpose.
Being determent, patient and open for new.

Our south node is familiar's talents
can keep us in our comfort zone and 
prevent us from growing....

Eclipses are very powerful: 
they 'help' you to get out of your comfort zone
and to grow....
The Moon nodes are now in Taurus and Scorpio,
starting Jan. 2022 till July 2023.
Scorpio as the South Node: the past
and Taurus as the North Node: what we 'need' to learn....

Scorpio: passion/commitment/transformation and also 
war/wanted to control/cancer/power over....
Taurus: nature/safety/trust/honest/quality and also
stubborn/jealous/ possessive/materialistic.
The nodes changes signs every 18 months.
Every 18 1/2 years 
it will connect with your North Node.
this means that after 9/10 years 
it will connect with your South Node.
Perhaps you remember what happened with you
when you were this age.....

Most likely it was something Karmic.....
did you stay in this energy
or ......could you connect with your North Node.....

The Nodes help us 
to grow in our personal life,
and ....
if you are confronted with Karma 
when you are 9/10 years old,
you need loving and understanding parents.....
because you are touched by Karma.....old energy.....
What happened in your life?

Talented kids can have a tough time 
when the focus is only on there talent.....
Scary kids can have a tough time 
when the focus is only on the hurt......

Do you focus on the tree that fell down,
or do you also see that only part of the tree fell:
an other part is still standing.....

We, as society had the same Moon Nodes
from May 2003 till Nov. 2004
and before that
from Nov. 1984 till April 1986
What happened in your world at that time?
Do you see the spiral path and deeper truths?

Do you see that some trees are on the ground,
fallen down.
Others are supported by trees around it,
while others 'just' stand up straight,
and showing beautiful leaves.
Then you also see small trees...
just starting in life.
The bottom is covered with leaves:
making sure to give back to the new generation of trees.....

For me this is a picture of life:
not all pillar of life
are in the same stage....

While we have to let go in one pillar,
we can support,
start something new, 
and give back for the next generation,
in other pillars.....

Most important:
Can you trust, are you open to let go of control,
Can you accept the spiral as growth,
not as punishment.....
Can you accept that energy 'just is'.....
no judgement.....

 Nov. 8 we have a Lunar eclipse,
feel and accept your emotions,
let go of fear and control 
and......let love in..... 

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