Sunday 2 October 2022

Love life and be happy.

Society let us believe,

that if there is pain,

or if you make 'mistakes',

something is wrong with you......

Isn't that strange?

As a child that is one of the ways

you learn....

what happened with us, adults, 

that we forgot....

Could it be that 'school' happens?

'School' meaning you have to  be 

what 'someone' thinks you have to be

as a certain age.......

forgetting we are all individuals,

not all the same and.......

that this is great: 

it makes the world so much more interesting!!

Is home schooling the solution?

I don't believe so......

I believe children need other children,

need a community,

need to see that difference is ok,

that if someone is different and goes on a different pace,

that that is ok....

it is 'just different than their own'....

If by 'home schooling' you mean you have

to look close to home,

inside of you,

then I think it is the only way....

If we have schools that look at the diversity of children

as something special,

as mirrors,

as healers on each other paths,

than it will just be part of life.

School will not be an institution,

but, like parenting,

another part of life.

A part were you learn to be more and more yourself,

learn to recognize your unique quality's 

in your own time...

Always remember, 

there is still a part in you that is a child...

A playful, adventures, joyful and trusting part,

a part you can 'wake up' again,

if it fell asleep...

Oct. 2 Mercury will go direct, 
Oct. 8 Pluto,
and Oct. 23 Saturnus.

We can make steps forward again:
we will get mirrors to let us know 
if we did our inner work
the last weeks and months.
If we have to do something more,
than we get more changes,
don't worry;-)
It's about taking responsibility,
positive self talk,
and remembering 
we are more powerful than we realise.

Good to remember:

everything that is out of our control

we 'only' can accept.....

we 'only' can accept......

we 'only' can accept.....

I repeat this, because my experience is

that people find this the most challenging...

Most people say it, only 

find it almost impossible

to live.

Still, it is the most and important step....

Let's focus on what is in our control....

that is more than enough.

And while you do,
make sure you have fun.
It is autumn:
time of harvest,
time of beautiful colours in nature,
time to let go,
time to go inside were is it warm and cozy.
Give yourself time,
there is as much as you need it!

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